Frettin’ Over Breton (or Atticus vs. SacBee Sports Columnist)

Months ago I partnered with the Sacramento Bee by contributing to their SacConnect blogger roll.  For this pup, it’s an honor to be part of the premiere newspaper for California’s capital city, but I don’t always agree with all of their articles.  I read the Bee every morning, but today I found my fur getting a little ruffled by the Bee’s sports columnist, Marcos Breton.

Being a columnist myself, I love the daily columns, whether in sports, news or politics.  My favorite columnists of all time are Herb Caen, Dave Barry  and Molly Ivins (RIP Herb & Molly), and I often refer to myself as the “Herb Canine of bloggers”.  (I suppose you’d have to be a San Francisco native to laugh at that one…)

Columnists are so cool because they can basically write whatever is on their mind (like me!) and get much more leeway to express their ideas than traditional journalists.  So, knowing my love for these daily writers and for sports, I read Breton religiously.  I don’t always agree with his sentiments, but have never been personally offended by him….until this morning.

If you have been following along the past couple of weeks you know that I have blogged about our epic Giant’s with great enthusiasm in posts like “Celebration Elation”, “Freak Yeah!“Fear Nothing (except the beard)” and my take on the NLCS game 3.  Obviously, I am an energetic supporter of the Giant’s as a team, not just this phenomenal 2010 squad.  I have likened their persistence towards winning the World Series Championship to great dog-like qualities and life lessons like  hope, gratitude, tenacity and unity.

Breton, will you accept my challenge??

Clearly, Mr. Breton has not been following my posts.  You see, beloved readers, the title of Mr. Breton’s column today was “Giants Atone for Past Failures”.  What the what??  On the day following the greatest celebration San Francisco (and all of Northern California) has experienced, one of the most positive and energetic demonstrations of love and devotion for a team, Breton uses a negative in his title about the Giant’s?

This pup was rabid at the notion that anyone, let alone the Bee’s own sports guy, could find any kind of negative spin to this story.  Mama has been a lifelong Giant’s fan and I have inherited her longstanding devotion to all things orange and black.  Growing up a few miles from S.F. she watched the Giant’s in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s & ’90’s while bundled beneath a blanket at Candlestick Park, earning her well-deserved Croix de Candlestick pins.

She witnessed the great moments, and the not-so-great moments.  (The introduction of Crazy Crab as mascot may have been a dark time for the franchise.)  But every year, every team fielded, contributed to this momentous occasion.

As beings on this earth, both human and canine, I’d hope that all of our experiences, including our failures, are what bring us into glory.  C’mon Marcos… “Atonement”… really?  There have been no faults to atone.  It sometimes takes slow growth and hard lessons to mature into champions, and this Giant’s organization should be an example of how we should try to live our lives with persistence, hard work, dedication, graciousness, teamwork, resiliency, purpose, cooperation and motivation.

Mr. Breton, I challenge you to atone for your sins against our beloved Giant’s by penning a column solidly devoted to the positive lessons of this special Giant’s squad.  Will you accept this challenge?



  1. Really enjoyed this, Atticus! I know well the ruffled fur (and feathers) that come when our beloved sports teams are not given their due. As a suffering Mariners fan (one of only two teams left that have not been to the World Series), I can appreciate the giddy excitement you are experiencing for the Giants. You tell it to that sports writer! Now is not the time for poop on the parade!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer

  2. Atticus says:

    Yes, Judy!! You are absolutely right — no time for poop at the parade!!

    When we lived in Washington (Bainbridge Island) we followed the Mariner’s closely… our favorite AL team, for sure! Like all good pups, I was a rabid Ishiro fan! Good squad up in Seattle… they definitely deserve to make it to the Championships. Their moment will come.. I’m certain of that!

    I hope I haven’t ruffled Marcos Breton’s fur or feathers, but I posted this column with the full consent of the Bee editorial staff :) and I Hope he responds!

  3. Julia Landreth says:

    Herb Caen was my all time favorite columnist…if you can do him justice…go for it Atticus!

  4. Atticus says:

    My favorite too, Julia!! Thanks for your support! hope to see you & Cubby soon :)

  5. ChrisLWagner says:

    I couldn’t agree more Atti!! How dare he let the wind out of our sails and say such a negative thing. I’ve been a lifelong Giants fan also and I too challenge Mr. Breton to atone for his negativity. “Herb Canine of bloggers” – brilliant!!!

  6. Atticus, as a new fan, I can even feel your pain! Wait until you see my outfit for the half marathon on Sunday, I thought of you when I bought it! :)

  7. Atticus says:

    ohhh, Annette… I Cannot wait to see what you are sporting… orange & black, perhaps? a World Series Cap? a beard??
    I wish you all the best in your endurance race… you Rock!!
    ps: & wags to Snoopy :)

  8. Atticus says:

    Thanks Chris!! since you’re a Bay Area girl, I knew you’d get the reference! Wasn’t Herb the Best?? I so miss his musings…. it’s my childhood… my adulthood… a loss. Maybe the immortal Herb has been reincarnated in me, Atticus!?! Wouldn’t that be cool….

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