Celebrating the Oneness of All Creatures

I am still exhausted after yesterday’s Love Your Pet event, even though I’ve napped the majority of the past 24 hours.  The pet blessing and expo was unquestionably an enormous success and mother nature provided the perfect sunny day in between storms.

Our organizing meetings were creatively chaotic, yet every detail of the event fell into place at the right moment… just as it was meant to be.  Since this was the first time we had planned such an expo, we weren’t quite sure what to expect and the results were beyond our dreams.

With a number of adoption non-profits, 16 vendor booths, great music, hourly pet blessings, the grill turning out burgers & dogs, informative speakers and even alpacas who “dress themselves”, there was certainly something for everyone to enjoy.  All shapes of dogs and cats roamed the event venue with their humans and I think I met just about all of them.

The pet blessings were, in my opinion, the most profound piece of the days celebration.  Rev. Pattie was ethereal in white under a flower covered arbor to receive the pets and I watched as a most amazing scenario unfolded over and over.  As is typical when there’s a large number of dogs in one place, most of us pups were overstimulated and energized.  But when the dogs approached Rev. Pattie under the arbor, their demeanors dramatically changed.  As Rev. Pattie touched the pups and gave them a special blessing, nearly every dog became calm, submissive and focused.  I can’t explain the phenomenon, but I was profoundly moved by my own experience and by witnessing other dogs under the arbor.

The day was magical and a success and we are already planning next year’s pet expo.  If you weren’t able to make it yesterday, I encourage you to check it out for yourself next year, and if you were in attendance, what was your experience?

Rasta Alpaca

Rasta Alpaca

getting blessed - notice how attentive I am to Rev. Pattie?

setting up the raffle table before the festivities -- we had thousands of dollars worth of prizes!

members of Ascension performed throughout the day

Rev. Pattie

julie, kevin & karen & pups

Chris & Dylan of Waggy's Pet Sitting (the only pet sitter we trust!)

celebrating the oneness of all creatures (or lama meet puppy)



  1. Love this, Atticus! What a fun day, full of canines and humans out to share a peaceful world. Whew! I think it’s about time you had a day like this. Love the photos.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..Shalom- Todah- and A Few Remembered Words- Adventures in Speaking Hebrew

  2. velma stahl says:

    Thank you Atticus for the wonderful blog about yesterdays pet expo. We were there and had a wonderful time. I was so greatful for all the wonderful things I won, the great weather, awesome people and animals. It truly was a lot of fun! We definately will return next year. Love you, Cousin Velma, Randy and Hannah

  3. Atticus says:

    It was truly a blessed day, Judy! Thanks for checking in :)

  4. Atticus says:

    It was Wonderful seeing you all at the pet blessing yesterday! and you really scored with the raffle prizes — I’m so happy for you & you deserve it!! goes to show that if you buy enough raffle tickets, you too can be a winner!! love you, cousin :)

  5. Donna McCord says:

    What a fun and lovely day it seems to have been! maybe next year I will be able to come and see all the happy animals and people enjoying one another! Loved seeing the photos and reading how blessed you were! I am sure it was no accident that your day was full of sunshine!

  6. Atticus says:

    You’re right Donna — no accident with that sunshine! and, on the drive home after the event, the rain started again. I hope you will come and join us next time! You certainly don’t get to see alpacas in rasta caps very often :)

  7. chrislwagner says:

    Thanks for the shout out Atti! We had a great time and can’t wait for next year! Tell you’re mom that she did a great job!!!

  8. Atticus says:

    we all did a great job, Chris! you were pawsome :)

  9. My favorite picture: lama meeting puppy, too cute!

    Franziska San Pedro

  10. Atticus says:

    so many great moments Franziska, and lama/puppy is one of my favs too!

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