Recharging with Friends and Fog

What’s the best part about living in a hot, smoggy valley?  Getting out of here and heading for the coast!  And that’s exactly what Wilbur, mama and I did this weekend.

Loving our beach day!

Mama had a baby shower to attend in the bay area and brought us along for the ride.  Wilbur and I were not invited to the shower, which I believe is a good thing because I don’t particularly enjoy a bath or shower and the thought of babies raining down on me sounds a tad scary and stressful.

We drove from the valley to mama’s bestie Brigid’s house on the peninsula and Wilbur and I were left there when the ladies went to the party.  No, we were not left unattended — we were being cared for by 14 year old Billy.  Billy has been teaching his own dog, Phil, some new tricks and was keen to teach Wilbur and I some new moves while mama was away.

Billy, our babysitter

Well, Billy didn’t have the opportunity to teach us anything as Wilbur and I refused to budge from the front window, where we waited patiently for hours until mama returned.  So much for learning those new dance moves Billy was prepared to teach us.

We love the weather in the bay area (mama’s home turf) — the cool mornings and nights plus temperate days — that’s my kind of weather.  And the brisk, fresh air at night makes for perfect sleeping conditions and our rest was restorative and energizing.

With an abundance of puppy pep we headed over to Pacifica to explore the beach with our blogging buddy, Darcie.  The crispy, salty air and sound of crashing waves are just what this pooch needed!  The scents on the beach are amazing and I especially love the smells that humans don’t appreciate, like decaying crab shells and deceased sea creatures.   Nirvana to my nose, I tell you!

Mama and Darcie were chatting incessantly as we strolled down the beach and hiked a trial up Mori Point where the wildflowers are in full display.  The view from the top of the headland is inspiring and Wilbur and I took a few minutes to soak it all in.

this view inspires me...

Needless to say, I was reticent about getting into the car and heading back to the valley.

Franziska recently wrote a blog post asking opinions about the best places to live.  I told her the bay area and Seattle are tops for this dog and I yearn for the day we can move back to this locale.

Perfect weather, friends, nose-candy and inspiration… I must return full time!  But, until that day, I can still deeply appreciate what I have now and remain content.  Wherever I am, I always have my family.  And for that, and you lovely loyal readers, I give thanks.

ahhh... I love the ocean!

beachcombing with Darcie

open spaces like Mori Point make me Very happy



  1. Hi Atti,

    the perfect day away!! You are very lucky that you all got to escape the valley for bit. Sounds like you had lots of fun and enjoyed yourselves. I am surprised you didn’t babysit and teach Billy some new tricks, I am sure he could have learned from you.
    So nice to see you got get together with Darcie and made a new pup friend.

    And thanks so much for mentioning me :-) The winner of my survey has to be the Bay Area!

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress
    Franziska San Pedro recently posted..CREATIVE MINDS – Christian Hollingsworth

  2. Darcie Newton says:

    We did chat incessantly, didn’t we Atticus? It was a pleasure to finally meet you and you will have to come back when Cooper “Houdini” Newton has had his rabies shots and can entertain properly. We love living in Pacifica and welcome anyone that appreciates changing temperate weather, ocean breezes and friendly people.


  3. Atticus says:

    I thought of you Franziska (as Darcie and I were discussing Ron’s property in Pacifica) so you were definitely with us in spirit! I Know you’ll be living on the west coast in the near future — near your beloved ocean! & we can’t wait until you are just driving distance away :)

  4. Atticus says:

    Wilbur and I were so bummed that Cooper Houdini is still too young for canine visitors — but we’ll be back! I can’t wait to show young Cooper the ropes of finding dead sea creatures on the beach — he will love it!

  5. I breathed a little deeper just reading about you being in that wonderful environment. Gorgeous pictures–all the more meaningful to me since I’ve recently been to the Bay area myself (and yes, Atticus, I got to meet mama Heidi while you had to stay behind–is there anything more unfair?) Truly, you had me laughing with this one, imagining woeful Atticus and Wilbur at the window. Don’t you know that your mama will always return for you, or is it just too painful to be left while she’s off having a good time?

    Sounds like a wonderful day, and a restful moment for all of you and us lucky readers.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..Today’s Writing–My Comfort and My “Thank You” after a Great Workshop in Seattle

  6. Atticus says:

    Judy, I’m sure those images looked familiar to you since you just experienced Half Moon Bay, just down the coast. We really need to get back to living in that area — we just feel So much better in that environment!

    You would think I would know by now that my mama alway returns for me… but I still worry (just a little bit…)

  7. Trish says:

    You had me laughing, too, Atticus with visions of babies raining down on you! :-) I love the ocean and am planning a mini-vacation with the family in a few weeks. We’ll be going to Santa Cruz/Monterey — I can’t ever get enough of the ocean. It absolutely refuels me! The pictures are lovely and make me anxious for my trip! You and Wilbur are two lucky pups to have had your beach time.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.
    Trish recently posted..Never Take “No” For an Answer

  8. Atticus says:

    Trish, you are the only person to remark on my fear of babies raining down from the sky — and I thought it was pretty funny too! Thank you for noticing my humor insertion :)

    Ahhh… Santa Cruz/Monterey — one of my favorites areas!! Mama says to ride the giant dipper for her and to hit Gayle’s in Capitola for some awesome grub! is Robert going with you? Enjoy your mini-vacation!

  9. Julie Labes says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. we often take our pooches to the park but as yet we have not ventured to the beach. We would have to keep them on a leash and not sure we could hold onto out black lab Mac once he saw the water. We hope to try it one day, perhaps when they are a tad older.

    Julie Labes: The Fun-Loving, Feisty, Fearless, Frisky, Fierce Over 50 Traveler
    Julie Labes recently posted..What The Hell Happened To Good Manners?

  10. It sounds like a beautiful weekend, Atticus! Being a “right coaster,” I have spent precious little time out on the left coast – maybe 5 visits during my entire life – and it looks just lovely! The photos make me jealous though! Looking forward to reading more about your adventures.
    Joan Oliver Emmer recently posted..Scentgestions Sought

  11. Atticus says:

    Julie, I am a Huge water hound! I was bred for swimming. But at the ocean, especially when there is high surf, mama keeps me on leash — it’s just too dangerous and too tempting. although, I must say that I usually will jump into any body of water, but last week even I realized the ocean was too active for me. self -protective pup I am :) I had no desire to venture into those turbulent waves.

    How old is your pup?

  12. Atticus says:

    I Love the “left coast” Joan! My formative years were on islands (I was born in Victoria, BC and my first 3 years I lived on Bainbridge Island, WA) so water and the Pacific coast are my thing! I’ve not been to your coast, but my mama has, and she says it’s very different. I love our rugged coastline and all in the inland waterways (Puget Sound, SF Bay, American River, Lake Tahoe….).

    Regardless of coast, being at the seaside restores energy for sure!

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