Furry Mission Accomplished!

baby Timmy Elijah Love

I must say that I am enjoying observing mama and new baby Timmy Elijah from my lofty perch.  It warms my heart to see her genuinely smile again.  My transition was hard for mama and it took her a few weeks to fully grasp the bigger picture of my existence and my exit from her physical realm.

Just like all of you, I am an eternal soul with lessons to teach, lessons to learn and a purpose.  My earthly purpose was chosen before I was ever birthed, and I knew who I would have as my mama.

When I first came into mama’s life she desperately needed a guardian angel to affirm her life and bring her back to herself.  Those times were so difficult for her then, that she required her angel to be tangible (and preferably furry) to make her believe again… in herself and in the benevolence of the Universe.  Little did she know, I fully understood this and I had a mission.

My earthly life seems short to some, but I accomplished more than many souls do in a lengthier stay.  Mama needed inspiration to make some major changes in her life and to get her through some very difficult circumstances.  Atticus to the rescue!

Through my love and encouragement mama started to find herself again.  I helped her find the strength to leave an abusive marriage (note: the abuser actually kicked me a few times and I think this put mama’s world in better perspective for her).  There was no way she would allow someone to hurt me, and we escaped.

Reminding mama of her worth and confidence took a little time, as those qualities had been eroded by an angry, hurtful husband.  It’s hard for many to understand how a woman with great successes under her belt and a bounty of loving friends could find herself in such a marriage.  But these things happen and these types of relationships are slow to reveal the insidiousness of the abuser.

Safely away from harm, the next hurdle was helping mama through the death of her beloved father.  And then assisting her to regain her entrepreneurial spirit and her unique voice.  I certainly had a mission, and I accomplished it on all fronts.

My job was actually complete a year ago and for a full year I found myself in precarious health situations, ready for my departure.  Mama wasn’t ready for me to leave and she valiantly fought to keep me here.  But it was my time.  My mission had been fulfilled and I am needed elsewhere.

Sporting my angel look while on earth

Happily, mama now fully understands that I was on a mission and she is eternally grateful for the years we spent together.  I smile and wag as I watch her pour her love into little Timmy, Wilbur and Bella, knowing fully that I am always with her as well.

Furry mission fulfilled!



  1. Louise Edington says:

    Oh boy – so beautiful – more tears. Atti definitely was/is mama’s guardian angel.
    Louise Edington recently posted..Marketing Plan on Social Media – HOW it works!

  2. Jamie Leigh Himmelstein says:

    As has always been the case since I’ve known him from afar, Atticus comes through yet again :) . He’s watching over you Heidi, and Timmy E, Wilbur, and sweet little Bella. He will always be with you <3

  3. Dear Atticus,

    Thank you for explaining your mission and why you left us so soon. I think you did a tremendous job helping your Mama through some rough times and situations. You also need to acknowledge the impact you had on your readers. FOA’s have been enlightened and embraced by your wisdom and insights. We are so happy that you are continuing to offer your perspective and commentary from your heavenly perch. I felt your presence this weekend while on retreat, it was comforting and encouraging while I did important emotional work and healing. Thank you for continuing to be a guiding light for us!



  4. Michelle Ivans says:

    That’s very sweet. Congratulations on accomplishing the mission.

    Love for baby Timmy Elijah Love.

    - Michelle
    Michelle Ivans recently posted..Brainwave Entrainment

  5. Thanks for the tears early in the morning (I am touched), lol…
    You have definitely done a wonderful job and I am happy that you waited for me and Ron to come by and meet you one time! And now your Mama continues to make her talented voice heard and walks her journey with you in her heart.
    Your mission was more than accomplished :-) Great job!!!

    Flavor Designs
    Franziska San Pedro recently posted..How to Prepare For A Garage Sale

  6. Atticus says:

    Yes, I am Louise!! :)

  7. Atticus says:

    I love seeing you here, Jamie! Yes, I’m always watching over the gang :) & I love calling Timmy Timmy E — sort of like Sheila E — love it! cool & fun. I think I may start to use that. thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Atticus says:

    Ah Catherine… what a tremendous comment! I’m glad you are taking advantage of my guardian angel status and feeling me when you need support. A healing weekend sounds perfect (and I know it was — I was watching :) ). Good for you for taking time for yourself in such a Pawsitive manner. You’ve learned a trick or two from this pup, I believe! lol

    hugs & wags to you -

  9. Atticus says:

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Michelle! Hope to see you again.

  10. Atticus says:

    Ah yes, Franziska. I had to stick around long enough to meet you and (doglike) Ron before departing. That was a very special day for all of us! Mama has been back to that restaurant many times and always thinks of you :)

    Thank you for approving of my mission. wags & hugs!

  11. I had an angel of the furry kind too. Her name was Cubby and she helped me through some pretty challenging times. She took 12 yrs. To keep me sane and she transitioned the night before I met Jon. I guess, like you, she knew when her job was done.



  12. How beautiful…..I too believe Atticus was put here for the purpose of guiding you through difficult times. He certainly fulfilled his duties. Love ya,

  13. Atticus, You sound so calm and assured, I can tell you have come to a very deep peace in your new plane of existence. Your story makes such perfect sense, and it makes it a little easier to think of what a hard final year you had (including being attacked and injured, even before your health became so uneven). I think we all knew how hard it was for your Mama to lose you, and it’s not like it’s easy now–you are missed!–but seeing a larger picture helps (for me, too!) So much of life is about gaining perspective, isn’t it? Seeing the vastness of the universe every now and then can be both humbling and soothing.

    Stay in touch, Atticus!

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..How Would You Like to Do Plumbing During a Snow and Ice Storm?

  14. Atticus says:

    That’s amazing! She knew that her mission was accomplished too, Bill. Thanks for sharing

  15. Atticus says:

    Yes, grandma, I certainly did. and you knew it… thank you for your support to mama and for your help with my vet bills. you are Pawsome!!! :)

  16. Atticus says:

    Yes, Judy – a higher perspective (pawspective) is needed to understand these things. Of course, I always knew my mission and that my time on earth would be short. It took mama a bit longer to open to my larger purpose. The pain is still deep, yet she feels me with her (and the puppy certainly brings that certain joie de vive to the house again!). We’ve missed you & mama says she wants to connect on the phone soon. hugs & wags!

  17. June Sockol says:

    First of all, the picture of Timmy is just too cute!

    I think Guardian Angels come in all different forms and I’m glad you were able to there for your mama when she needed you the most. I have 4 dogs but my baby Peanut is the closest to me. He’s a 4yr old chocolate lab but he’s small for a purebreed (only 45 pounds). I’ve had some on-going health issues the past couple of years and every time I’ve had a really bad day, there he is curled up in my lap. Some times he looks up at me as if he’s asking “are you ok mama?” Every night, he sleeps in bed with me and he curls up right beside me.

    We got our first 2 dogs shortly after my dad died but it was the arrival of Peanut 2 years later that really helped me get past it and move on. The first 2 have actually been great in helping my teenager with his anxiety. Dogs have so much more to offer than just companionship. I can’t imagine my life without them!

  18. Lisa Maslack says:

    Thank you Atti for helping your Mama find her inner strength and voice especially through some very rough times. What divine guidance you have given and still do. I am so happy your voice and teachings continue and that you are always watching over. You are surely missed but I realize you have important work to continue…probably helping more beings realize their own worth as you do yours. You will always be loved and missed! PS. Timmy thanks you for leaving your toys- he is really enjoying them :)

  19. Furry mission fulfilled. I like that.

    As someone who’s lost a dear loved one, I appreciate the messages from the great beyond. To feel shaped and guided by my Dad, even though he’s not physically with me, brings me great comfort. So I totally relate and commend your hard work. :)
    Dennis Salvatier recently posted..Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

  20. Atticus says:

    June, Peanut sounds like a gem! Your own furry therapist (the best kind, by the way). We all have our earthly purpose — humans, pups, every soul! — and Peanut certain knows his. He’s your snuggle-bunny, your solace… isn’t that grand??

    Thank you for telling me about your puppy babies — they sound dreamy :)

  21. Atticus says:

    Thanks for your comment Lisa… and for lots more! Yes, I am watching and always with mama. And you have helped her immensely too, and I thank you for that! In fact, you can’t escape my eternal gratitude towards you! :) a true dog love. a true friend…

  22. Atticus says:

    Dennis, mama feels the same way about her dad. She tries to tune in so she can accept his guidance and encouragement — which is what she does with me now too. and no less of a connection — just different than before. I’m so happy you are able to feel comfort from your dad —he is always with you and I know how proud he is of all you are accomplishing! (I am too!)

  23. Aww thanks!
    Dennis Salvatier recently posted..Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

  24. Trish says:

    Beautiful and courageous post, Atticus. You certainly did fulfull your mission — your mama is a strong soul and you helped her realize that again. You will be missed but happy your spirit is alive and well.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.
    Trish recently posted..Everyone Wants a Little Love

  25. What a heart warming story. It’s a pure joy to read your blog. Thanks so much! :)
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..Marketer vs Marketing: What Difference Does a Keyword Make?

  26. Atticus says:

    Thank you Trish. Mama had a hard time coming to terms with my purpose, but once I convinced her, she feels my calming love all around her.

  27. Atticus says:

    Thanks for your comment Sherryl. It’s always a pleasure to spread joy :) and I know how busy your life is, so I really appreciate the time you spent visiting my musings.

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