Puppy Love! It’s Contagious!

I must tell you what a treat it is for me to observe little Timmy Elijah from up here and all he is adding to my family.  In the period after my transition mama, Wilbur and Bella were very sad and had no wag. Bringing Timmy E into our lives has brought back a spring in their steps and warmth in their hearts.

I’ve been taking notes, and these are my initial observations:

Happy, energetic puppy!

  • Timmy is so flexible and limber… ah, youth!  He runs and slips and trips and tumbles, all with a wag and a puppy smile.  Actually, “run” is not the best description.  He bounces and pounces like a bunny.
  • Like moi, Timmy is food-obsessed.  Not a great quality, but typical for our breed.
  • Timmy is a natural fetcher.  He loves to chase the ball and he actually brings it back to mama for another round…again & again.  He’s such a sweet pup that he often presents the ball to Wilbur, dropping it in front of him.  Timmy’s a natural born giver.
  • I’ve always been an extroverted chap, happy to meet and greet anyone.  Timmy, on the other paw, is a bit shy around new people and practically attaches himself to mama’s leg.  I think it’s cute and charming.  Mama’s friend Karin calls Timmy “velcro dog”.
  • Although a bit reserved when making introductions, Timmy is fearless.  He will push a door open

    Fearless Fido!

    without knowing what’s on the other side (something Wilbur won’t do).  He climbs and jumps with confidence.  Grandma’s backyard has huge granite outcrops and all of us pups love to climb on the biggest one and play king of the mountain.  Never have I witnessed a dog leap off the boulder until Timmy.  Instead of cautiously walking down the rock like a billy goat, Timmy took a running leap and landed in a bush!  Remarkably, mama had her finger poised on her camera to document this feat.

  • Timmy is a love-bug… a snuggler extraordinaire, you might say.  He loves sitting on mama’s lap, laying next to her using her as a pillow and sleeping with a paw draped over Wilbur.
  • Timmy’s puppy energy, curiosity, love and zest for life are contagious and my family is feeling joyous and inspired again.

Puppy love… it really is one of the sweetest love affairs any creature can experience.

I want to hear about your puppy stories.  Tell me what your dog was like as a youngster.  Or your cat (I never discriminate!).  See you around the water bowl, friends.



  1. Oh how cute! I love your observation Atti :-)

    We had a dog when I was little but he was born around my sister’s birth (who’s three years older than me), so I never had a puppy myself. Lumpi was already big (a German pointer) when I came to this world. We are planning to get a puppy -maybe- this year, we’ll see what will open up at the local shelter.
    My heart is warming up when I look at the pictures along with your story, thanks for sharing the joy!

    Franziska San Pedro recently posted..How to Make Home-Made Chai Tea

  2. I remember my puppy Scrappy used to be just that, a scrapper. Not to say he was a trouble maker, but he was super playful and liked to ruffle some feathers. It was funny to watch him be a little rascal. I miss that guy. Thanks for making me think of him again. :)
    Dennis Salvatier recently posted..What might be right for you, may not be right for some

  3. Jamie Leigh Himmelstein says:

    Story coming soon! :)

  4. Donna McCord says:

    I am falling in love with Timmy, Atti! I know he is not you, but he is definitely a blessing to your Momma and your whole family! It makes me want a puppy, too, but I know my kitties would not appreciate one at this point in their lives! When Lucky was a kitten, her favorite activity was having someone throw something small like a ping pong ball or rolled up aluminum foil, chase it around the floor, bat it back to the thrower, and wait for it to be returned to her….she still loves to do that every once a while, but gets tired of it more quickly now, too!

  5. I’ve no experience with puppies, but Timmy looks so cute. Love the photo of his jump from the rock! With two pampered cats, a puppy is not on the cards in this house. I know puppies can be a lot of work, but enjoy every minute you can. They grow up so quickly!.
    Imogen Ragone recently posted..Chronic Health Problems: What Role Does the Alexander Technique Play?

  6. velma stahl says:

    That picture cracked me up. I love Timmys energy. Thank you for giving us details. He truly is a blessing. Love him and you!

  7. I love your observations Atti. Thanks for the update! I love all animals but I always end up with cats. We have two now and our newest addition is a rescue kitty. She’s about 10 months old now and she’s really worked her way into my heart. She absolutely loves to sit in my lap while I’m working on my computer and then drape her head over my wrist while I’m keying. This morning, she had the audacity to give me a litle growl and a hiss when I tried to reach for something. The little rascal!
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..4 Simple Steps to Building Your Brand Online

  8. So great to have your perspective on this new pup, Atticus. You are amazing–not jealous at all! (After all, it’s so easy to be jealous of all the attention the new baby gets…) Timmy does seem so adorable I can’t help but want to get in on that cuddling.

    Cats really are so different. My Fretta found us by coming to our deck and meowing piteously. She ate a whole can of tuna (that’s a LOT at once!) and returned the next day, seeming assured that she had found her new home. She marched into the house when permitted and found a closet to curl up in. After that she was just “herself”! I guess she was a bit more playful when young and she went outside for longer periods, but she didn’t have a kitten personality (and she was older than that – probably already a year). Unfortunately, I don’t think she’s like being friends with a dog as she gets suspicious of any strange creature (including strange humans).

    So glad that Bella and Wilbur have their wag back.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
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    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..Could the Change You Seek Lie in Something Small?

  9. Atticus says:

    Franziska — I love the name Lumpi! Does it mean something special in German?

    I am SO excited that you are considering getting a puppy!! Just think, you can train a four-legged friend to join you on your runs :) xxxooo

  10. Atticus says:

    Ah, Dennis — Scrappy sounds dreamy! Do you still feel him with you? Maybe it’s time to get another little furry companion… just sayin’…

  11. Atticus says:

    Can’t wait, Jamie!

  12. Atticus says:

    Yes Donna, Timmy E is definitely a blessing to all of us! I couldn’t bear watching mama so distraught after my passing and Timmy has definitely healed her heart.
    I love it when kitties play like Lucky does! I can imagine how funny she is when she’s batting around a pingpong ball :) Brings a smile to my puppy face…

  13. Atticus says:

    Imogen, some cats (like our Bella) actually love dogs! I think Bella actually believes she is a dog as she has very few classic feline qualities.

    Yes, puppies are a lot of work but Completely worth it! The love & fun cannot be beat!

  14. Atticus says:

    Velma, you need to visit Timmy E again. He’s grown so much in the past week! and yes, he is a huge blessing!

  15. Atticus says:

    Your newest kitty addition sounds like pure sweetness! What’s her name? and does your arm ache after she’s been lounging over it as you work??

  16. Atticus says:

    Judy, I didn’t realize that Fretta adopted you! We’ve had a few cats who came to us that way and they were some of the best kitties ever! I love how she just helped herself, so to speak, to a new family & a new house. Fretta is one smart cat picking you & hubby!

    Yes, my family has their wags back — yeah! and how could I ever feel jealous? I’m still with them and feel joy watching this new love evolve…

  17. No, Lumpi doesn’t mean anything really, it’s just a typical dog name in Germany.
    Can’t wait to find the right puppy for us and go for long runs :-)
    Franziska San Pedro recently posted..Because I am REALLY Bored, I started a 2nd Blog…

  18. Heidi, My new kitten’s name is Spunky but she also answers to Peanut and Pea-Brain. :) She’s a tiny little thing with short stumpy legs and I don’t think she’s going to get much bigger. That’s great because if my older cat tried laying across my wrist while I was keying, my entire arm would go numb!

    The “pea-brain” nickname is because she seems to be unable of comprehending rules. We’re now beginning to suspect that it’s all a ploy to cover the fact that she doesn’t want to follow the rules not that she doesn’t understand them. :)
    Sherryl Perry recently posted..Afraid to Move Your Website but Know You Should?

  19. he’s sooooooo cute!

  20. Lady Ginger was very extroverted and just couldn’t imagine that anyone wouldn’t want to meet her and get a kiss. I remember only two people that she wouldn’t go near and actually had a low growl. I paid attention. She loved to get under the dining room chair on her back and use the rung to spin around on her back! She also loved getting under the fireplace in the office and play goalie with a tennis ball. She was quite upset as she grew and learned she no longer fit under it. She was a crackup. And was also verbal too letting us know when she felt things needed to change!

    Julieanne Case
    Always from the heart!

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  21. Atticus says:

    Good thing Spunky (aka Peanut) is a tiny girl or you’d have some big time arm issues!! I’m certain that she understands the rules, just choses to not to follow them… cats are so sneaky & smart!

  22. Atticus says:

    Julieanne — Lady Ginger sounds like a gem! I love that she played soccer with herself — brilliant & coordinated pup for sure! :)

  23. Trish says:

    Heidi, Such cuteness! I laughed out loud at the tale of jumping off the “mountain” — what a fearless one! We don’t have puppy tales because our dogs were adopted when they were out of the puppy stage but we’ve had plenty of kittens. One of my favorite stories with the kittens is that they would let the girls (then about 7), put them in their doll baby carriages, snuggled them in with a blanket and walked around our court. How they got the cats to lay there, I’ll never know. It was adorable, though!

    Another time, our son put one of the little kittens in a hamper (because he’s mischievious that way!). I kept hearing meowing from the bathroom and it took me a while to figure out where it was coming from. :-)

    caregiving. family. advocacy.
    Trish recently posted..You Can Help a Caregiver!

  24. Atticus says:

    Trish — that’s so cute with the kitties (not the part about being in the dirty clothes hamper!). When mama was little she did the same thing with a litter of kittens and went door to door giving them away. I’ll have to see if I can dig out those pics — really adorable. Thanks for sharing your kitty stories!

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