Heavenly Duties of a Furry Angel

Friends, I must apologize for my long absence since making my last earthly connection with you.  You wouldn’t believe how busy life in heaven is for a furry angel!

Up here I look after my family (which I also did in my earthly incarnation), and I hold other responsibilities as well.  I suppose by doggie charms hold greater value here and I’ve been to tapped to try to influence other earthly souls beyond my family.  Of course, all earthly beings have guardian angels (some furry) who attempt to guide and counsel…but unless the heart and mind are open, you may miss our direct signals.

I’ve told you about some of the ways I’m letting mama and my family feel me with them all the time — the subtle (and not so subtle) ways I insert my knowing into their daily lives.  Mama is all heart when it comes to me and we are both comforted remaining in each other’s presence.

I’ve been tasked by the Big Dog to influence specific peeps and pups, and my efforts are met with varying degrees of success.

I had huge success last week as I guarded over Bella’s tumor surgery and Dr. Nathan (Bella’s surgeon) felt me completely.  Of course he’s a vet, so it stands to reason that he understands the eternal nature of a dog’s soul and our participation with our families even after transitioning.

Timmy's helping Bella for me (she feels me, but needs a some real puppy kisses)

Bella is healing well and is acting as perky as ever even though she has a 3 inch incision on the back of her neck.  We received news on Friday that Bella’s tumor is cancerous, potentially VAC (vaccination associated carcinoma) and we will learn next week, after further tests, what her next course of treatment will be.

I can tell you definitely that it is not Bella’s time to move on and mama understands this too.  So, unlike when I was ill, my family is not worried.  They are confident that she will continue to heal and live her very full kitty existence.

I’m having a harder time connecting with some other individuals that the Big Dog assigned to me.  I remain optimistic that eventually, some common doggie sense will get through, but for now I’m having no impact.

You see, I’m trying to affect some change of heart with the seemingly heartless, and that’s a tough task for any furry angel!  I will save specifics for another post as I’m at a loss right now…just shaking my head in disbelief at the public attacks on women, their rights and their health that is taking place in the United States at present.

Furry angels & the Big Dog are all shaking their manes at the distasteful and cruel behavior we are witnessing.  Nothing dog-like at all coming from some of the male species right now… As I said, more to come on this later.

Lastly, my angelic duties doubled this week as I welcomed two of mama’s childhood favorites to heaven:  Davy Jones and Ronnie Montrose.  It’s a sad week on earth for peeps who loved music of the ’60’s and ’70’s, but heaven is rockin’!

Sending all FOA’s heaven-sent licks and wags!  I promise to make more frequent appearances… I miss you all!



  1. Dear Atticus,

    I’m so relieved that you are watching and influencing from above. I had a kitty named Tremelo who also had a VAC, she was the sweetest cat I have ever known, and it still hurts that she is gone due to a vacine that was supposed to protect her. Please do everything in your power to heal Bella, as the VAC is not easy to cure.

    If you can kick some sense into the heads of the men of this world that want to regress women’s rights back a century, I would appreciate that too. While I am providing items for my “fix it” wish list, could you also spread some special Atti pixie dust over this whole country so that we can start having discussions and disagreements of opinions without degenerating into attacks against each other? I know the “Big Dog”, AKA God doesn’t want us to be mean and unkind to each other, and some people need a reminder that God is Love and that we are to love each other as he loves us.

    Work your magic Atticus!


  2. Atticus says:

    I’m sorry you are missing your kitty, Catherine. Until last week, we had never heard of VAC and it’s very frightening! I can understand why some humans freak out at giving their kids vaccines — we just don’t have enough history to know what we’re really doing to our bodies. (which reminds me that i need to finish my post about Monsanto!)

    Yes, you are absolutely correct — the Big Dog is about love, tolerance, kindness and empathy. not fear and derision. I’ve got my pack working overtime on this issue… slowly, I’m sure we will see a shift in global consciousness.

  3. Jamie Leigh Himmelstein says:

    You’re sure right Atti that this is NOT Bella’s time for transition!! She has much to help her mama and brothers with, plus she has lots of butterflies to chase, and lots of lounging in the sun ahead of her <3

    I'm with you about all of this mishegoss (Yiddish for bull____) going on down here on earth…it's a scary time for humans and animals…but just knowing that we have You, my Haighti, Elvis, Bear, Jackson, Creole, Hogan, Buda, Thai, Makeo, Samson, Alex, Charlie, BeeBee, Lucky, and Mr. Limpet working miracles up there…well angel's wishes and angel dreams are sure enough one day very soon going to glide down to earth and make this a better world to live in for all :)

  4. Trish says:

    Atticus, It’s always so wonderful to hear from you since you make so much sense! I’m sorry Bella is going through her own health scares right now. I hadn’t heard of VAC but my vet actually doesn’t recommend the vaccinations for either our cats or dogs once they get into their middle-age years. He didn’t mention VAC but did say it was more of a health risk to have them than not once they get up there in age.

    I look forward to your post about the crazy things people are saying here (and then “apologizing” when money is on the line). Ridiculous.

    caregiving. family. advocacy.
    Trish recently posted..Epilepsy: Your Questions Answered

  5. Very sorry to hear that Bella is sick, but glad she got through the surgery fine. I am confident that she will do fine. As a cat person I must admit I’m very pleased to know there is a cat as part of the household. I am sure she keeps everyone – dogs, humans, and any other critters – in good order! (Also, lovely to see her interacting with Timmy :) )
    Imogen Ragone recently posted..Alexander Technique Help for Computer Users – Part 2: Balance

  6. Kenny Robertson says:

    This is so wonderfully written. I’m sorry to know that Bella has been suffering so much lately, but am also glad that she got through the surgery fine.

    Waiting to hear more from you soon.


    Kenny Robertson recently posted..meditation music

  7. Now I know why I didn’t get to read this earlier, Atticus. I was meant to read this today. Just yesterday my dear cat Fretta made her transition out of this life into her next. I had no idea it was going to be her time–the end just came so suddenly and dramatically and left us in shock. I know I will have to come back and read this again, because I’m still so fresh with sadness to be taking it all in. But I sure hope there are some furry welcoming committees! (Don’t know if the dogs and cats mingle…)

    Thanks for giving me such comfort, Atticus.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Personal-Professional Balance Through Writing
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..Farewell to Fretta: Our Feline’s Final Trip

  8. Atticus says:

    Judy — you know how I feel about Fretta’s transition, and trust me, she is with me and lots of other furry angel friends. Apologies for the delayed response… it’s been a busy month!
    I hope you had a joyous Passover & holy week. xxxooo

  9. Sometimes a delayed response is just right! We have been talking about–and missing–Fretta a lot this weekend. Yesterday was the one-month mark. I’ve been so conscious of her absence in all the little spots, from physical (where she would be) to mental (thinking, “I need to give her fluids today”) to emotional. So it was lovely to get this message. Hope your busy is good, and that you, too, are enjoying the season.
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..How I Remember My Father on April Fool’s Day

  10. Atticus says:

    yes, I knew that this weekend marked one month since Fretta’s transition and we’ve been thinking about you. Hope you are feeling my heaven sent kisses & mama’s virtual hugs. Even with baby Timmy in the house, mama is still expecting to see me too… it’s a tough adjustment. Hugs & wags to you

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