Sympathy and Pity for Limbaugh: A Heavenly Dog’s View

The angry, hate-talk vibrating from the States is very confusing to us up in heaven and it’s bringing down the vibe on earth.  We hear the low, guttural murmurs as a sign of darkness… coming from anger, fear and self-loathing.

Timmy chooses not to listen to hate-talk (smart puppy!). He know it's bad for his soul & development

Up here, we really only understand thoughts and deeds that spring from love, hope and tenderness.  What has been amplified from your world throughout the galaxy is not coming from a higher consciousness, but from the basest and least evolved characteristics of humanity.  And this makes the Big Dog sad.

Mama is feisty, especially when it comes to inequality, and I’m trying to convince her that these voices deserve sympathy and pity.  Her description of the men behind the voices would cause her to use more colorful language and I’m determined to curb her fire.

Of course I’m speaking of the push towards taking back women’s rights to their own bodies and health decisions by men of the GOP persuasion.  From afar, this is a very curious and disheartening turn of civil evolution.  The vomit-like spewing of anger from the likes of Rush Limbaugh is just another layer in this ugly scene.

Timmy supports and respects women. Why can't Mr. Limbaugh or most GOP men respect women?

I’m trying to convince mama that Limbaugh needs sympathy (certainly not empathy, as we could never imagine what it’s like to live in his oxycontin addled mind), and that’s a hard one for her to accept.  Sympathy for the devil?  Well, there is no devil, just small minds with character deficits who have the amplification to dirty the minds and souls of others.

Sympathy is called for, especially in Limbaugh’s case.  He’s an angry man who’s been married 4 times, has no children, doesn’t have an education, has erectile disfunction, turned to synthetic heroin for solace, is grossly obese and isn’t able to see any issue factually.  And he takes great pleasure and exudes giddiness when he denigrates women.

If a fat, uneducated, multi-divorced, foul-mouthed heroin addict, who can’t function sexually without a health-insurance-covered pill, isn’t someone to feel sympathy for, I don’t know who is!

This sick whale is clearly fearful of women.  All hate and anger originate in fear and his attack on women is just one more reason to pity this tainted soul.  Perhaps he had an abusive mother.  Or maybe little Sally in grade school beat him out for the kickball squad.  Maybe he was teased for having the dreaded “diarrhea of the mouth” disease.  Or for talking crazy-talk.  And I can’t imagine he received much positive attention from the girls in high school.

Limbaugh is someone to be pitied…. and boycotted.

Although I pity Limbaugh, I am emphatic that peeps stay away from his anger-filled rhetoric.  It’s a contagion and it’s deadly…. Your heart and soul might wither away.

Listening to vile, hate filled talk is poison for the soul.  Creating the space for sympathy for shriveled humanity, such as Rush, is a remedy  against the poison.



  1. You must know, Heidi, that Atticus is a much better dog than I. Hate speech is hate speech. Can’t be as forgiving as our boy.
    bill austin howe recently posted..My way of thinking/ Finding the Positive

  2. Laine D says:

    Some pithy comments from Atticus bravo! Even despite his request for pity for the pitiful.

    Like your Mama I too jumped straight into a vernacular previously unused in my vocabulary somewhat to my own surprise.

    In reality I think we women are rather disheartened that so far into this age of enlightenment and acceptance such a large portion of the world population 52% should be thus denigrated and that it would be acceptable to so many.

    Of course in the canine world vicious, poorly socialized, ill schooled and rabid individuals are ostracized and chased from the pack and certainly would not be allowed to pollute others.

    His message is pure hate and inequity, no better than the most vilified shock jock. I’m sure you are right Atticus his actions come from a lack of love and support, from fear, anger and hurt but too many of the worlds dictators came from the same place!

    Laine D.
    ‘Aspire to Inspire’
    Laine D recently posted..Just my Cup of Tea

  3. Trish says:

    Atticus, Sorry but I can’t muster up much sympathy for Rush. I view him as an insincere, insecure man trying to do whatever he can to get ratings. Unfortunately, not everyone sees this and people actually take him seriously and believe in what he says! This completely puzzles me because it seems so obvious that he’s just spewing things to get attention. I just can’t see how anyone can take him seriously and believe what he says. Unfortunately, people do take him (and others like him) at his word. It’s all about the money but, unfortunately, his quest for it is quite hurtful to individuals.

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    Trish recently posted..Epilepsy Questions Answered (Part Two)

  4. Atticus says:

    Bill — mama’s having a really hard time adopting my loftier take on this situation too.

  5. Atticus says:

    Yes Laine, I was listening in on your conversation with mama last night and my innocent ears were burning! Some nasty language coming out of 2 lovely ladies…. I understand how you both feel, and that’s my gut reaction too. I love women and I yearn to spread equality everywhere, so of course my fur was ruffled. Since my transition, I’m learning from the Big Dog and I just felt the need to offer an alternative reaction to the insane talk we’re hearing from some of the male (troglodyte!) species.

    And you are right… in the doggie world we spot this type of behavior and immediately condemn it. if Limbaugh was a canine, he would not just be ostracized, animal control would “put him down” for the safety of the community.

  6. Atticus says:

    Trish — it’s only because of my heavenly pawspective that I can open my heart to sympathy for this poor, sick and self-loathing human.

    It confuses me as well that peeps listen to his hate speech. and it’s not just hateful, it’s not factual and he rants into tangents like a person who should be institutionalized. what really upsets mama and I (I’m still trying to wrap my head around this) is that male, GOP politicians are basically condoning the anti-women position but not speaking out. and this leads me to believe that they are all just a tad, dare I say, stupid. Women make up 52% of the population and 55% of the folks who vote. I’ve actually heard from a couple of Republican women who say they are just staying home this year and not voting at all. I believe Obama’s reelection has been sealed (and that makes this dog very happy!)

  7. I am very moved by this, Atticus. Your calm but pointed description of Rush is better than hate-filled back talk. But perhaps there is a better word than sympathy, since I can tell so many people feel that is just too good for him. Maybe he just deserves disregard, or veiled (or not so veiled) disgust.

    I suspect your current situation in a plane removed from this one gives you that freedom to imagine him without the hate he inspires here.

    As for sealing Obama’s reelection, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m afraid it’s not so simple (even though this business about sending us back in time regarding contraception is a boon for the Democrats), and I just cannot trust this country to do the right thing. No sitting on our laurels!

    Sorry I have been delayed in reading your posts, Atticus. Don’t want you to think I’m ignoring you. As you likely know, I’ve had my own grief this weekend.


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