Righteous Anger… Angel-Approved

My heart is breaking for mama as she is experiencing deja-vu.  Timmy Elijah was admitted to the emergency hospital yesterday — the same hospital where I made my final transition from Earth.  And, Timmy is in there for the exact same issue I was!

Mama is beside herself with grief, worry and righteous anger.  Anger doesn’t feel like a very angelic quality, but even this furry angel knows that sometimes anger is warranted and needs to be released.

As you probably recall, it was only 7 months ago that I passed due to organ failure from toxicity.  My doctors said that my decline could only come from two sources:  a wild death-cap mushroom or a sago palm .  I was at grandma’s when I became ill and mama immediately inquired if grandma had a sago palm in her yard and learned that she did.

After my transition, mama insisted that grandma remove the deadly plant from her yard.  Sago palms are not only highly toxic and potentially deadly for animals, but also for humans (especially children).  80% of animals who ingest the plant will die, even with aggressive medical treatment.  Grandma often watches Timmy E and Wilbur if mama’s out of town and it was imperative that the offending palms be removed.

Grandma assured us that the palms were gone.

Timmy E earlier in the day (pre-poisoning)

Yesterday, my family was at grandma’s for a family lunch.  Within 10 minutes, Timmy E was seen chewing a plant on grandma’s deck — a plant that suspiciously looked like a sago palm — but it couldn’t be.  We had been assured months ago that the deadly flora had been disposed.

Imagine our utter shock when grandma said she didn’t actually get rid of the palm because “it’s so pretty and what stupid animal would chew on a plant like that?”.  I felt the heat exploding from mama all the way in heaven at that remark.  Mama was livid (and honestly, still is)!  The plant that took me away from my mama on Earth had been moved back onto the deck at puppy-mouth level!

Chewing, licking or ingesting the fronds, rootball or trunk of a sago palm will cause liver failure within hours without treatment.  And sago palms are attractive to animals.  They like the smell and taste.

Knowing these facts, mama rushed Timmy Elijah to the emergency pet hospital where they immediately induced vomiting, followed by alternating courses of charcoal and an iv drip to detoxify his liver.

Timmy E is a little fighter and as of this printing he is resting at the hospital.  If he continues to stay steady and improve, he should be released tomorrow.  Liver (and other organs) failure can happen within hours or days of exposure to sago toxins.  If he comes home tomorrow, mama needs to keep a close eye on him for the next couple of days.

Anger is not a comfortable emotion, at least not for mama, but she is in a firestorm of anger and pissiness right now.  And I don’t blame her.

Be kind & compassionate to your pets & kids! Know potential toxins (isn't that what google is for?)

She is angry that her own mother lied to her about disposing the palm.  Angry that grandma did not seem to understand the severity of toxicity surrounding that particular plant.  And immense anger when, later last night, grandma defended her actions to mama with the statement “I didn’t believe you that the plant was toxic.  You can be over-dramatic”.

I normally sign-off with “peace & wags”.  Today I sign off with “seething & worried…”



  1. Louise Edington says:

    Omg Atti!!!! I am so sorry to hear this! Praying for your mama and Timmy. Much love, Louise xox
    Louise Edington recently posted..Keep It Simple!!

  2. Trish says:

    Oh, Atti & Heidi! I’m sooo sorry for this. Good for you for heading straight over to the vet. Poor Timmy and you! I’m thinking of you and sending positive and healing thoughts your way. Hugs & Love!

    caregiving. family. advocacy.
    Trish recently posted..73 Days

  3. Oh my goodness! I hope that little Timmy will be better soon!!
    I am thinking of you all… I feel your anger and frustration.
    So glad though that Mama discovered him chewing the plant soon.

    Sending you much love -keep us updated!

    xxx Franziska
    Franziska San Pedro recently posted..Upcycling Old Bed Sheets To Curtains

  4. While once again sending love and white healing energy, this time to Timmy, I am angry too, Atti and Heidi. In this case a lie can be fatal. It is simply inexcusable.


    Bill xoxoxo!!!

  5. Donna McCord says:

    I wasn’t going to go on Facebook tonight, but something told me to check anyway, and I saw your post. Oh my gosh, Atticus, I felt that same anger rising up in me and could hardly believe what I was reading! I feel the tears welling up in me right now as I am typing this. And I am praying very fervently that this will pass, that Timmy will be safe and remain healthy with no setbacks, and that your Mama will recover quickly from her fear and anger. Anger really is a side effect of fear I have learned, as well as that feeling of helplessness and in this case, I believe there is some feeling of having been betrayed. But I am also praying that your Mama and her mama will make peace over this and that her mama will realize how her reactions and words have been hurtful and will feel remorse and compassion. I am praying that in the very near future this nightmare will be just a distant and blurry memory. Sending love and hugs.

  6. Catherine Balck says:

    Dear Atticus,

    I am so sorry to hear that Timmy E is ill, you, Wilbur and your Mama have been through so many difficult times in the past year, this is certainly one more that wasn’t necessary. I’m sure that you were the reason why your Mama saw Timmy eating the Sago palm, and was able to get him to the ER before he showed signs of illness. Thank you for being the ever vigilant angel and protecting your Mama and Timmy from afar.

    I am angry that your Grandmother didn’t take the warning about the sego palm seriously. How awful for your Mama to be told, “you can be over dramatic”, by her own Mother. I have several friends who have children with life threatening food allergies, they also have experienced this type of invalidation and dismissal of the realities surrounding food allergies. It is okay to be angry and feel betrayed, when someone ignores your genuine issue or concern and lies about it being taken care of. My friends found that limiting the exposure of their children to these people that didn’t “get” the reality of their health situations was the only way to handle the problem. Only under strict supervision by my friends were the children allowed to be in the homes of the offending relatives. That may be what needs to happen regarding Timmy E and Wilbur. I’m sure there are other people that would take excellent care of them when Mama needs to have a dog sitter.

    Atticus, please let your Mama and Timmy E know that they are in my thoughts and prayers, and please keep us updated as to Timmy’s health status!

    Bless you again for keeping watch over all of your family, and maybe you can change your Grandmama’s heart and mind about taking health issues of “grandkids” seriously.

  7. Diane McKee says:

    Atticus, I am so sorry about this situation. Your grandma needs to value your mama’s wisdom and honor her wishes. I am praying for Timmy and hoping that he makes a full recovery!

  8. Jamie Himmelstein says:

    Dear Atti,

    Thank God your Mama and Timmy E have you to watch over them! I’ll bet it was your gentle nudge from above that made mama look over to see Timmy E chewing on that dreadful palm!

    I won’t go into suggestions on what to do with Grandma and her palm as that would probably not be helpful, even if cathartic. I’ll just say that it’s so clear that Timmy E’s time here is so so so far from through!

    I just know with the Doc’s loving care; Atti, your love from above <3, and mama's fierce loyalty and enduring love that Timmy E will be better than OK…he will thrive for at least the next 20 years :)

  9. Atticus, I had just been thinking about you, wondering how you were. And now I find this horrifying post. How awful in every respect. I, too, felt a rush of anger when I read how Timothy’s illness occurred. It would have been terrible enough had there been some random event bringing him in contact with a poisonous plant, but to have Mama’s own mother minimizing danger and then defending her actions makes it all the worse.

    Would she have been so cavalier had there been a human baby around to be poisoned? Today I was writing about nature and feeling kinship with arts of nature, even a step removed from animals. To see someone leave any life–whether human or animal–open to danger is infuriating.

    I will add my healing thoughts to all those offered here. Rest assured we share your anger. Sometimes righteous anger is, in fact, the most honest and necessary response.

    Hugs to you, Atticus. Judy
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..A New Member to My Family Tree in California

  10. Lisa N Valero says:

    Oh Atti! I’m so sorry that you all are having to go through this! There is no doubt that righteous anger is in order and I share with you. With everyone here, my wishes, love and prayers go out to Timmy especially for strength and recovery, but also to all of you. Please keep us updated ♥ ♥ ♥


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