Facts, History and Science Fail to Make Appearance at RNC

Candidates have always exaggerated their accomplishments, diminished their failures and have made promises that can’t possibly be fully realized.  This election year, however, we’ve seen slight exaggerations become flat-out lies.  We’ve seen facts ignored and fantasies mixed and match to fit agendas.  As a heavenly creature, I cannot condone the false statements I witnessed last week at the RNC convention.

I’m an old soul, now fully evolved as a furry angel, and I’ve seen a lot.  The last few years, the style of campaigning on falsities has grown & morphed, and it’s disturbing.  I have the inside scoop up here and my perceptions are not singular.

Wilbur has a primal reaction to liars...he gags!

Romney pollster Neil Newhouse made the statement last week  “We’re not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers” and I find this extremely disturbing.  And Romney’s campaign certainly lived up to that statement, as we witnessed in the RNC’s speeches.

Ignoring facts, truth, history and science is a dangerous road.  Paul Ryan’s speech was especially egregious, as fact-checkers across the political spectrum noted.  He was called out by not only “liberal media” (that term always cracks me up — propaganda — as Rupert Murdoch owns more media worldwide than anyone else & he’s a staunch conservative), but the Republican’s own media arm, Fox News, said his speech was “dazzling, deceiving and distracting”.

The Atlantic divvied up Ryan’s speech into categories: small lies, medium lies, and large lies.  Ryan has God-given intelligence, so claiming he didn’t know better doesn’t fly with this dog.

One of Ryan’s blatantly false statements didn’t even happen during his speech.  In fact, it was Runner’s World magazine that called him out on what he reported as his marathon time.  Ryan is a fit guy and God bless anyone who can endure a marathon.  That in itself is a great story of tenacity and dedication.  So why did he have to tell reporters that he ran the marathon in less than 3 hours (elite athlete time) instead of the real 4+ hours (still incredibly admirable)?

Ryan insisted he forgot his time.  Friends, do you know any serious runners?  Well, they never forget their race times!  In fact, they can tell you to the second what their time was.  When someone is so loosey-goosey with the facts when it comes to an amateur race, it makes me doubly question anything they say of import.

I’ve stayed quiet on the election thus far, but this dog has had enough of the falsehoods and lies.  I pray that this weeks’ DNC convention has a few less Pinocchios…

“Anyone who doesn’t take truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones either.” ~ Einstein



  1. Catherine Balck says:

    Good food for thought Atticus. I’ve missed your insights as they often make me pause and evaluate my perceptions and beliefs. I am NOT looking forward to the next 2 months and all the hyperbole that comes with a presidential election. Having moved to a small community last year I thought I could run and hide from political partisanship. Now I know that small communities are even worse than the large metropolis of Los Angeles when it comes to politics!

    Everything is controversial in Crescent City, from how to rebuild the harbor post-tsunami, to fluoridation of the water. The biggest issue is how the hospital (my employer) should be run! I have tried to keep an open mind and sort through all the “messages” for the facts vs. the fear mongering, but honestly it takes a lot of work and I get impatient with the whole mess very quickly.

    What does it say about our society that the major political parties feel the need to exaggerate the truth, and use scare tactics to demonize their opponents? I can respectfully evaluate each candidate for what they have accomplished in the past, and how they present their picture for the future. I don’t need the media (and others) picking the hot topic du jour and twisting what is said and unsaid to scare voters into leaning one way or the other. To me all the rhetoric is just a smoke screen so that people won’t focus on the real issues; the economy is in bad shape, the middle class is waning, the US is mired in so much debt that the next 3 generations will be responsible for paying it off, and nobody seems able to make the hard decisions and sacrifices that will get this country back on track.

  2. Sad but true… I am so tired of the whole ping-pong Republican-Democrat mud-fight, especially during the election phase. Maybe I should think about getting the citizenship (I could next year if I wanted to) and run for office myself. First they need to change the rule that those who weren’t born in the US, can’t run for president. While this is not changed I’d always feel like a 2nd class citizen, so maybe I’ll leave it, lol.

    I feel like it doesn’t matter whether these people were speaking the truth or not because the masses won’t dig any deeper anyways. I am so tired of the lethargy of the people! And this is the real problem, the people. They (and we) let those liars do whatever they feel like and even vote for them, seriously?!
    It’s time to spread my mission: QUESTION EVERYTHING!!!!
    Working on it, every day :)

    Hugs, peace & love,

    Franziska San Pedro recently posted..Upcycling an Old Teflon Pan to Clock

  3. As time goes by I see through all the lies that get slung around as truth. I spent almost a week in New York City and as I was visiting the sights and walking through it’s streets I felt a sense of pride in my country — a love — for my home. That’s when I felt shame for the kinds of things I see in the news coming from both parties. I don’t understand why the people who “run” this country can’t come together for the greater good and fix what’s broken together. They’re more concerned with pointing fingers and saying outrageous things like “genuine rape” to the people of this nation. There’s a disillusionment in this country, people are losing faith in the system and something needs to be done. So I am with you in your feelings to this sordid state of affairs.
    Dennis Salvatier recently posted..Who is Tanoshiboy?

  4. Karen Biane says:

    Welcome back! I have missed your angel pup-spective on the nature of the current political gamesmanship! The next few months are going to be tough…hopefully you will be back regularly to keep the pols honest!


  5. Atticus says:

    Catherine, I imagine a small town is much more intense during election season than big city. I admire your determination to think for yourself — that’s doglike thinking! (the highest kind).

    Yes, the big issues are economy, unemployment, debt & war. But, regardless of rhetoric or lies, we can’t forget how far we’ve come in less than 4 years: GM is thriving w/hundreds of thousands of jobs in tact or added, Bin laden is dead, the stock market reached it’s highest point in 4 years this week, we’ve plugged “the bleed” and avoided a deep depression, almost 2 million more young people have health insurance b/c they can now stay on their parents’ plan, slowly but surely we are adding jobs every month, the Iraq war is winding down and troops are coming home, gay soldiers have rights,… need I go on? Not perfect and we’re not where we want to be — yet — but we’re on a forward path. It’s still pretty remarkable that this much could be accomplished (and avoided — major crash) considering it’s been less than 4 years with an obstructionist congress.

  6. Atticus says:

    Franziska, you make this dog smile! :) Lethargy of the electorate to think for themselves and dig deeper is very sad. What can we do about that? Sheeple listen to vile talk radio and are basically indoctrinated to believe lies & gross distortions. Sadly, repetition leads to belief. I guess that’s why this furry angel has a mission — to give folks a fresher pawspective. I think my heavenly status does hold some clout… we’ll see!

    peace, love, hugs & wags back at you!

  7. Diane Manering says:

    We Stand for what we tolerate….

  8. Hello dear Atticus, so glad to hear from you. We need your voice so much in this miserable campaign season. What disturbs me as much about the distortion and outright lying is that many people just don’t care! How can that be? How can people not care if the information they are getting is truthful.

    Quite a number of years ago, when I was still teaching full-time at the University of Washington, I discussed with my students the concept of “truthiness,” which had become a new concept. It was about how people just wanted their words to sound as if they had the ring of truth. (This was a class on social and cultural aspects of communication.) The word “truthiness” is kind of cut, but we’ve let it seduce us into acceptance of lying.

    I am a bit behind in my reading, and we are now past the Democratic Convention as well. I know the fact checkers expressed concern about some “cherry picking” and use of numbers, but I don’t believe there was the level of falsehood as seen at the Republicans’ festival. Just as the Republicans were willing to block all government progress in order to defeat Obama, so are they willing to abandon all truth in order to win the election.

    You may be grateful to be far removed from this, Atticus.

    Judy Stone-Goldman
    The Reflective Writer
    Judy Stone-Goldman recently posted..A Hotel Fit for a Feline, Nightlight Included

  9. Atticus says:

    Thanks for the comment, Dennis. Politics is dirty business, for sure. And from where I sit, the lies, bullying, factual distortions and fear-mongering are a lot heavier on one side than the other. Sad state of affairs is right

  10. Atticus says:

    Thanks for the welcome back, Karen! Although I’ve been busy with my angelic good deeds and welcoming transitioning animals into heaven, it’s time for me to speak to those earthbound peeps again… you’ll be hearing more from me!

  11. Atticus says:

    Profound, Diane. Thanks for commenting

  12. Atticus says:

    Excellent comment, my dear FOA Judy! Yes, “Truthiness” (that’s one thing we can give Bush Jr. credit for — inventing a cool word) has redefined politics. and maybe the way we communicate in our daily lives. So sad, but apparently true.

    Yes, the Dems did get a much better scorecard for truth from their convention Although there were some exaggerations, nothing came close to the Ryan debacle of a speech. Maybe we need a new word for this: falsiness — when more lies than truths are spoken.

    As you pointed out, the really crazy thing is that people don’t care if they hear the truth. They just want something to pump up their frothiness towards the opposition. I must admit that I am pointing paws at Repubs on this. Their campaign has at least been truthful as far as admitting that they don’t care about facts. It saddens me that people don’t remember they have a little thing called Google that can actually access more information & history than foxnews.com!

    Maybe common sense has become a dog thing…

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