The Big Dog Values You…Even if Romney Doesn’t

I’ve been a sad angel the past couple of days.  I’m sad for half of the American public who were disrespected by one of our presidential candidates.  And sad that there’s not much this furry angel can do to change things.

I’d like to stress a Universal truth (coming straight from the Big Dog); every soul is valuable.  You are valuable and important in the Big Dog’s eyes.  Don’t listen to those who denigrate and devalue you — even when you see it splashed across the telly and newspapers through the Republican presidential candidate’s words.

In case you missed it, Romney told a group of big dollar supporters that 47% of Americans are “dependent on government” and will never “take personal responsibility and care for their lives.”

Only the hard-hearted and ill-informed could possibly believe that half of Americans don’t take personal responsibility for their lives.  Romney showed disdain for seniors, the disabled, military members and veterans, and low income workers.

He also disrespected his own party since many of the tax exemptions (children, education, mortgage, renters credit, etc…) were included in past Republican tax plans.  And that’s why many low-wage workers don’t owe federal income tax beyond their payroll taxes and contributions to social security and disability.

44% of these freeloaders and victims, per Romney, are senior citizens living on pensions and social security.  The elderly are being mocked because they live on retirement funds that they paid into as they were working their entire adult lives.

Another sector of this 47% that Romney holds contempt for are the disabled and sickly.  I’ve known plenty of folks that have had to tap into disability benefits, by no fault of their own.  Remember, these are federally guaranteed benefits that every worker pays into the system.  Is the cancer patient who’s worked hard for years and is now drawing disability insurance payments a victim and freeloader?  Absolutely not!

And all those low-wage workers — hard working folks just trying to get by.  Are they to be mocked too?  And why are more and more people earning such low wages?  Republican backed policies have kept wages stagnant; refusing to raise minimum wage and union busting are just two of the reasons.

Sure, there will always be people who game the system.  Does that make it ok to mock the majority who don’t and need help?

When we become a society that sees no value in the elderly or disabled, a society that has no concern or empathy for those with less than ourselves, we cease to have humanity.

The irony of Romney’s callous attacks on the less fortunate do not escape this dog.  Romney is angry at people making less than $30k per year for not paying their fair share, yet has no problem with his $77k tax deduction for his dancing horse!  The disconnect between how real people live vs. the extremely wealthy is mind-boggling!

I feel better now that I’ve got this off my furry chest and I will leave you with one question:  do you want a president who cares about the entire population or one that only recognizes and respects top earners and mocks the rest?



  1. I think you know which one I want and would be voting for if I had a vote yet!
    Louise Edington
    Louise Edington recently posted..Do You Choose How You See Your Stories?

  2. Christina says:

    Thank you for the support and valuing me as a person. Your humanity helps make up for the lack of it that Romney has. It should be Atticus for President.

  3. Atticus says:

    Maybe it’s time to become a citizen, Louise. We can use more thoughtful folks at the voting booth!

  4. I have to wait two more years and then I will :)
    Louise Edington recently posted..Do You Choose How You See Your Stories?

  5. Atticus says:

    Wow, Christina — thank You for being you! Me & the Big Dog appreciate & value all souls — not just the rich ones. There have always been dogs in the White House (most presidents have four-legged family members) but we’ve never had one as president. Maybe the day will come when dogs will be recognized for their brilliance & get on a ballot :)

  6. Maggie says:

    I couldn’t agree more Atti – but what I find even more shocking is that the press and tv news seem to let Mr Romney get away with his awful diatribe! I’m with Louise – by the next election I’ll have a vote of my own! :D

  7. Atticus says:

    Maggie, I think a lot of the press has caught on. Bill Krystal, arch-conservative, called Romney “arrogant and stupid” this week. Looks like he’s losing friends & supports across the board — thank Dog!
    I’m thrilled that my fellow Brits are working towards voting rights in your new home country. We need more voters like you (& Louise)!

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