About Me

Name: Atticus Finch Alberti

Nicknames: Atti, BabyMan, Bubba

Birthday: August 6, 2005

Species: Canine

Breed: English Cocker Spaniel

Birth City: Victoria, BC, Canada

Family: Sister Isabella Rose (feline), brother Wilbur (canine), Mama Heidi Alberti

Occupation: Dedicated canine, undercover agent (squirrel detection), author

Contact me: atticus@atticusuncensored.com

Philosophy: Sniff, Scamper, Snuggle  (obviously plagiarized from Plato— or was that Pluto??)

Affiliations & Accomplishments:

*Member, Dogocracy (a pack—political action committee kinda—   dedicated to canine issues)

*Author, “My Year in Food:  365 Mouthwatering Cat Poop Recipes”

*Founding member, NOACP /National Organization for Advancement of  Canine Politicians (a long-shot, possibly, but we need to start somewhere)

* Member, Squirrel Defense Squad (2005-present)

*Voted “Most Popular”– Dog kindergarten

I love my babies

a good look?

what's up?

Baby me!

I love to swim in lake tahoe

I'm a little devil!