Who’s Your Shiny Inspiration?

“A wise man said, “The reason I see so far is because I stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before me.” Sometimes the giants are those people close to us, and people we see every day. Being so close, perhaps sometimes we don’t even realize their greatness. Or how their greatness gives us the boost to be great ourselves. Do you have friends, family, a beloved in your life that lifts you up, encourages you, hears you, supports you? If there is even one, you are rich. I am rich.” ~ Rev. Pattie Weber

This was posted on the Spiritual Center for Positive Living’s Facebook page yesterday (one of my favorite Facebook pages) and it has me feeling truly blessed.  Mama and I know some inspirational giants and I think they deserve to be recognized.

I certainly see greatness in all of my friends and acquaintances — it’s all in how you look at people — but a couple of people in my life radiate greatness in a extra-special ways.    They have light and sweetness radiating through every cell of their beings.  And I am inspired.

You’ve heard me mention cousin Velma and her dog, my cousin, Hannah.  Well, Velma is one of those peeps who makes you want to be a better person (or dog).  The energy and effort she seamlessly gives to others will inspire you too.

Velma and her mom (mama's Aunt Shirley)

Velma had a special birthday last week.  She turned 56 and she was born in 1956, so this will undoubtedly be an exceptionally special year for her.  Velma’s birthday is March 3, 1956 — yes, that’s 3-4-56 — extraordinary symmetry for an extraordinary woman.

This amazing woman is not only one of mama’s cousins, but also one of her best friends, confidant and inspiration.  She’s a wife, mom, sister to a 6 siblings (mother hen!), entrepreneur and ebay power-seller.  And she still has time to give of herself.

For her birthday, Velma wanted to spend the day doing things that make her happy.  Not an unusual birthday goal, but her choice of activities may inspire you.  Special Velma spent her special day handing out lunches to homeless families followed by an afternoon of karaoke at an assisted living facility.

I told you that you’d feel inspired!

Another light-filled being in our lives is my Aunt Lisa (mama’s dear friend).  Lisa is the embodiment of generosity.  She finds great joy in helping others — her family, her friends, her animals, her coworkers and her clients (cancer patients).

Aunt Lisa made sure she was with me in my last hours.  And, maybe more importantly, she was a comfort to mama as I was making my exit from my earth-body.  And it was Lisa, weeks later, who insisted on purchasing Timmy Elijah from the breeder to help heal my family.

Aunt Lisa with Timmy Elijah Love

A year ago, at the holidays, a friend of Lisa’s was having out of town family coming to visit and the friend was a bit stressed because her carpets were not “guest ready” (due to her pack of dogs).  Lisa’s friend felt she just had to be ok with the state of her carpets, as she didn’t have the funds to replace them.

Well, when Lisa’s friend went away for a weekend, Lisa grabbed the reins and hired a carpet company to come in and replace the flooring as a surprise for her friend.  Needless to say, the response was jaw-dropping appreciation!

Now you’re really inspired, right?

People like Velma and Lisa are earthly teachers and proof of Divine Presence.  We all have shiny, bright souls in our lives and I believe they are here to guide us to being better people, and pups.

I would love to hear about the shiny souls in your world!


Love Is All There Is…

Well, it looks like on Earth folks are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day — the day when peeps are hyper-focused on love.  Did you know that dogs Are love?  Truly, we are bundles of furry love overflowing!

showing mama some love a few years ago... I miss being able to kiss her!

For us precious pooches every act, every breath is running through a filter of love.  You know all that fur that some dogs shed?  Think of it as furry fairy-dust, sprinkling love all over your house!  I bet you have a different perspective about your shedding pet now, don’t you?

John and Paul said “love is all there is” and they were right.  One of the marvels of my transition has been to commune with others who have left the earthly plain.  And, I must say, that I never thought I’d have the chance to witness John Lennon compose angelic love songs, but I have.  If you thought his compositions were grand down there, you should hear what he’s come up with since his passing!

Love is a snuggle.   Love is what I feel every time my tail wags (which is constant).  Love is the happiness you feel when a friend succeeds. Love is food.  Love is in sunshine and rain clouds and every blade of grass your puppy relieves himself on.

Timmy Elijah Love loves his brother Wilbur

Love is romantic.  Love is ever-lasting.  Love is your pack of friends.  Love is in your paycheck.  Love vibrates through the music you adore.  Love is your neighbor and even your enemy.

Love is Everywhere!

Love is waiting for you at the pet adoption center near you!

If you are considering adding a much shorter member to your family, there’s no day like love day to make

Adopt a furry bundle of love at your local shelter!

your move.  A furry bundle of joy is waiting for you — waiting to share his abundant love with you every moment.

Even though I’m no longer with mama physically, she feels my love constantly as I feel her love reaching up to me.

Open your hearts to the love that surrounds you, peeps!  I love all of my FOA’s and hope you feel that in the deepest part of yourself.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?  How do you define love?


Puppy Love! It’s Contagious!

I must tell you what a treat it is for me to observe little Timmy Elijah from up here and all he is adding to my family.  In the period after my transition mama, Wilbur and Bella were very sad and had no wag. Bringing Timmy E into our lives has brought back a spring in their steps and warmth in their hearts.

I’ve been taking notes, and these are my initial observations:

Happy, energetic puppy!

  • Timmy is so flexible and limber… ah, youth!  He runs and slips and trips and tumbles, all with a wag and a puppy smile.  Actually, “run” is not the best description.  He bounces and pounces like a bunny.
  • Like moi, Timmy is food-obsessed.  Not a great quality, but typical for our breed.
  • Timmy is a natural fetcher.  He loves to chase the ball and he actually brings it back to mama for another round…again & again.  He’s such a sweet pup that he often presents the ball to Wilbur, dropping it in front of him.  Timmy’s a natural born giver.
  • I’ve always been an extroverted chap, happy to meet and greet anyone.  Timmy, on the other paw, is a bit shy around new people and practically attaches himself to mama’s leg.  I think it’s cute and charming.  Mama’s friend Karin calls Timmy “velcro dog”.
  • Although a bit reserved when making introductions, Timmy is fearless.  He will push a door open

    Fearless Fido!

    without knowing what’s on the other side (something Wilbur won’t do).  He climbs and jumps with confidence.  Grandma’s backyard has huge granite outcrops and all of us pups love to climb on the biggest one and play king of the mountain.  Never have I witnessed a dog leap off the boulder until Timmy.  Instead of cautiously walking down the rock like a billy goat, Timmy took a running leap and landed in a bush!  Remarkably, mama had her finger poised on her camera to document this feat.

  • Timmy is a love-bug… a snuggler extraordinaire, you might say.  He loves sitting on mama’s lap, laying next to her using her as a pillow and sleeping with a paw draped over Wilbur.
  • Timmy’s puppy energy, curiosity, love and zest for life are contagious and my family is feeling joyous and inspired again.

Puppy love… it really is one of the sweetest love affairs any creature can experience.

I want to hear about your puppy stories.  Tell me what your dog was like as a youngster.  Or your cat (I never discriminate!).  See you around the water bowl, friends.


The Shocking Truth About Angels

I visit mama everyday and she’s feels it.  And I’m not just talking about how my soulful presence surrounds her with warmth and love, but really feeling me.

What's that? Something just zapped me!

You see, young Timmy channels some of my spiritual energy in a shocking manner.  Nearly every time mama touches Timmy they both feel an electric shock.  Some peeps would overlook this phenomenon as simply static electricity…but it’s not.

What they are physically experiencing is my energy…my electrical current touching them tangibly.  Timmy is perplexed when I do this and he frantically looks around for the source.  Mama clearly understands and with each charged jolt, she smiles wider.

We’re all made up of energy, right?  And just because I’m not on earth any longer doesn’t mean my energy has vanished.

I refrain from interjecting my energy when mama and Timmy are enjoying relaxing petting time.  Of course, I’d love to be in the middle of that love-fest but I understand that they need some special bonding without my intervention.  And this takes a bit of serious restraint on my part.

I’ve been cavorting with other furry angels and each has a special way of communicating with their earth-bound family.  Unfortunately, yet understandably, some folks are too deep in their grief to recognize the signs from their transitioned loved ones.  I encourage all souls to be open to messages of love from all realms…to look beyond their pain and open their hearts to the unseen.

No one escapes the loss of a loved one.  It’s part of the cycle of love — if we open ourselves, we are vulnerable to feelings of loss and sadness.  But the alternative is the only truly dead state.

FOA’s, I’d love to hear how you experience your transitioned loved ones.  Are you open to their guidance, support and love?  Do you have fear of opening our heart again to a soul who is physically gone?


Receiving Gracefully…Giving Fully

In my time on earth, I taught mama many important lessons.  I was on a mission, you see — an earthbound angel assignment, you might say.

Giving from the heart is an attribute that mama has held since she was a little person and she didn’t need guidance from me on that point.  I was just the happy recipient of her bountiful love and gifts, but she was lacking in how to receive graciously.  Sure, she was able to receive my sloppy kisses and my abundant joy, but in the more traditional sense, mama has not been good at receiving.

Baby Timmy Elijah and Wilbur receiving mama's love

I know I’ve talked about this in previous posts and I think it’s a topic that needs to be revisited.  Mama has been forced to face this deficiency in herself this year, and this was my final gift and lesson to her.

When I was ill this summer and had emergency surgery, FOA’s started sending cards and checks to help with my medical bills.  Our friends at SacPaws even reached out to find specialists and experts for my care.  I felt fine receiving support and love in it’s various forms, but mama was reluctant and unsure how to act.

I was able to coach her along and remind her how good it feels to give freely and that she cannot deny others that same glorious feeling.  The universe has properties that are set in stone, and one of those properties is to continue putting situations before us until we finally learn the lesson.

And since mama had not been fully educated on the art of receiving, the universe (and her furry angel) continued to throw circumstances and people her way to challenge her growth.  After my transition, the support coming mama’s way was a tidal wave of love that could not be ignored and, I’m happy to say, she’s starting to get it.  Did she have a choice?

Lisa sharing her laughter & love

Our dear FOA and close confidant of mama, Lisa Maslack, has taken giving to a whole new level through my issues.  Lisa has been a great friend — one of those people who always listens with her heart and laughs with a snort.  These past weeks, she has demonstrated her support and love for us with big, swooping gestures.

Lisa started a donation site to help with my medical bills.  As you know, mama insisted the doctors go to every length to try to keep me here on earth, and the expenses grew quickly.  When all was said and done, mama had incurred almost $13,000 in vet debt and Lisa, being a friend of action, was compelled to do something.

And, had it not been for Lisa’s generosity, Little Timmy would never have come into mama’s life.  Mama is filled with gratitude and finally able to accept being on the receiving end of goodwill.

Mama can see the immense joy that Lisa experiences in giving of herself, her time and her resources.  How can mama possibly deny her friend all of this joy?

And, with gratitude, I say that this is the lesson, friends… Receive as fully and open-heartedly as you give.

Timmy happily receiving kitten love