Cat Fanciers — Mama Needs Your Advice!

Hello from heaven, friends!  You’re all looking good from where I sit.  Mama wants help with a problem — not a puppy problem —  an issue with my feline sister Bella.  Or at least mama thinks it’s an issue.

Bella in Timmy's crate (she thinks she's a dog!)

Bella is the most dog-like cat you could ever meet.  She really has never identified with her kittiness, instead her behaviors are more canine-like.  Bella’s always gotten on splendidly with her dog brothers (me, Wilber and Timmy E.) and like everyone in my family she misses my presence.

I have been visiting Bella more frequently, coming to her in her quiet moments, and she feels my energy completely.  A couple of months ago Bella had a cancer scare.  She had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor between her shoulder blades.  The vet suspects it’s VAC— Vaccine Associated Cancer.  Yes, this is scary.  Humans vaccinate us thinking they’re doing the right thing, but the vaccines sometimes are the catalyst for cancer.

But that’s not what this post is about (although I foresee digging into this topic deeper at some point).  Bella’s recovery was amazing.  She’s always so easy going, loving and happy and even post-surgery she remained herself.  Her downtime was short and her recovery quick.  I had been whispering sweet angel encouragement to her and she found comfort in my presence.

I was giddy observing Bella fully recover, which got me thinking like my old mischievous earthbound self… Now here’s mama “issue”:

Bella has been acting like a maniac, tearing through the house, running on the sink and bouncing off the furniture.  And she usually only does this as everyone else in the house is starting to fall asleep.

Timmy just wants to get some rest

When Bella sees their eyelids closing, she starts her engines and off she goes.  Bella finds the most enjoyment in trampolining off their bodies on the bed down to the floor and then races around.  Then it’s more jumping and silliness.  She is very, very disruptive to mama and the pups’ sleep.

So this is mama’s issue and for what she is seeking advice:  how can she stop Bella from acting wild at night?

Dear readers, you can answer mama if you feel inclined and have had a similar experience.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’m encouraging Bella to behave this way.  You see, I am with her and I’m trying to get the others to notice that it’s me bouncing around the house.

I know when mama figures it out her irritation over Bella’s wacky nighttime exercise will melt into awe, knowing that her little baby man is always around.


Grateful For Life’s Messy Moments

Apologies, friends, from my weeks long absence.  You have no idea how activity-packed my heavenly life is!  And mama’s had her hands full with puppy Timmy Elijah and exciting work projects.  But no excuses, as I have missed you all terribly!

Today is a very special day on earth and in heaven.  It’s Easter, of course.   A day of rebirth and release from earthly attachments.  And, it’s also Buddha’s birthday… did you know that?  To celebrate, mama and her grandma (my GG) attended a special rose-petal ceremony at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living.  90 minutes of music, meditation and a ceremony of light and love left mama and GG in a state of blissful joy.

Following service, the humans joined more family for a relaxing brunch full of good stories, giggles and more love.  And, I must say, that mama’s aunt & uncle asked about me and wondered when they would hear from me again.  Overseeing their conversation, I was moved to make time in my schedule to put paws to the keyboard and reconnect.

While my human family was enjoying each other and good grub, Wilbur and Timmy were waiting at home.  Since Timmy is still a wee pup and can’t be completely trusted, mama crates him when she leaves the house.

Sadly for Timmy, he had a poopy accident in his crate and sat in his mess.  Laid in his mess. And, in a desperate attempt to escape his soiled crate, Timmy flung poopy pieces out of his crate and all over the room!

post poopy-puppy bath

Luckily, mama was floating in a fog of blissful contentment when she returned to a very messy, smelly puppy and house.  Mama immediately stripped down to her skivvies (no need to dirty her Sunday best) and scooped a very anxious Timmy into a warm bubble bath.  It took nearly an hour for mama to clean Timmy, the crate, his bedding, the floor and the walls.  And two sticks of incense barely made a dent in the stench!

I would like to think it’s my influence on mama that she handled this situation with love, laughter and gratitude.  Grateful that she has a wonderful companion in Timmy and no amount of stinky dung can dim that gratitude and love.

As my readers know, I had my fair share of accidents and naughtiness in my earthly carnation, and

mama & her Easter boys... I so wish I was still in her arms too...

today’s mess made mama smile with memories of me.

It’s been a blessed Easter for my family and I wish the same for you and yours.  What did you do to celebrate Easter?  Passover?  Buddha’s birthday?  The rebirth of spring?


Puppy Love! It’s Contagious!

I must tell you what a treat it is for me to observe little Timmy Elijah from up here and all he is adding to my family.  In the period after my transition mama, Wilbur and Bella were very sad and had no wag. Bringing Timmy E into our lives has brought back a spring in their steps and warmth in their hearts.

I’ve been taking notes, and these are my initial observations:

Happy, energetic puppy!

  • Timmy is so flexible and limber… ah, youth!  He runs and slips and trips and tumbles, all with a wag and a puppy smile.  Actually, “run” is not the best description.  He bounces and pounces like a bunny.
  • Like moi, Timmy is food-obsessed.  Not a great quality, but typical for our breed.
  • Timmy is a natural fetcher.  He loves to chase the ball and he actually brings it back to mama for another round…again & again.  He’s such a sweet pup that he often presents the ball to Wilbur, dropping it in front of him.  Timmy’s a natural born giver.
  • I’ve always been an extroverted chap, happy to meet and greet anyone.  Timmy, on the other paw, is a bit shy around new people and practically attaches himself to mama’s leg.  I think it’s cute and charming.  Mama’s friend Karin calls Timmy “velcro dog”.
  • Although a bit reserved when making introductions, Timmy is fearless.  He will push a door open

    Fearless Fido!

    without knowing what’s on the other side (something Wilbur won’t do).  He climbs and jumps with confidence.  Grandma’s backyard has huge granite outcrops and all of us pups love to climb on the biggest one and play king of the mountain.  Never have I witnessed a dog leap off the boulder until Timmy.  Instead of cautiously walking down the rock like a billy goat, Timmy took a running leap and landed in a bush!  Remarkably, mama had her finger poised on her camera to document this feat.

  • Timmy is a love-bug… a snuggler extraordinaire, you might say.  He loves sitting on mama’s lap, laying next to her using her as a pillow and sleeping with a paw draped over Wilbur.
  • Timmy’s puppy energy, curiosity, love and zest for life are contagious and my family is feeling joyous and inspired again.

Puppy love… it really is one of the sweetest love affairs any creature can experience.

I want to hear about your puppy stories.  Tell me what your dog was like as a youngster.  Or your cat (I never discriminate!).  See you around the water bowl, friends.


Atticus Incognito — It’s Halloween!

It’s Halloween!  That glorious day when everyone (kids, toddlers, adults & dogs) likes to dress up and pretend to be someone or something else.  I’m good with being just being me, but I do enjoy wearing a nice costume for a short time.

Since I’ve been sick, I haven’t felt much like doing anything but rest and observe.  I’m a not big participant these days.  I have no doubt that I will recover with time (and drugs) and until then I just need to do what my body craves… and that’s rest.

As a special Halloween treat, I thought I’d share with you my album of Halloweens past.  Of course, I don’t require a holiday to go incognito so I’ve dressed up many more times than just this one day a year.

Enjoy your spooky day, friends!  Stay safe and try not to overindulge in the sugar-laden treats — tummy aches are no fun.

Atticus or Potapenko?


we're Timmy & Buster! Go Giants!


I pimp clowns??

I'm a knight in plastic armor!

may the force be with you


my spacesuit (in case of the rapture)

I love wearing mama's tennis clothes

Wilbur disguised as an old lady

Professor Atticus

Yo -- Snoop Dog's got nothin on me!

"Luke, where are you?"

this is my princess getup

me as Ringo -- I dig it!

Wilbur is an adorable clown

I had to try on Wilbur's costume. do you think it's a tad small?

Happy (Hawaiian) Halloween, friends!


I’m A Winner!

Friends and fans, you know I’ve gone through a few trials these past weeks and I’m feeling things are turning around… you know, finally going my way again.

I never give up hope about any situation, but even an optimistic and peppy puppy like myself is not completely immune to exasperation.  And that’s been my state for a bit now — exasperated by my health, mama’s healthcare and my poor computer’s death — but I’m feeling light again.

Today a new dog store, Wagger’s, had it’s grand opening and we attended with grandma and Cody.  I didn’t realize the festivities included a costume contest and Wilbur & I were a bit embarrassed arriving naked, but all was good.

Ace, as The Hulk, won the costume contest

I love an event filled with doggie-treat vendors — my kind of buffet!  I worked my way around the pop-ups and pilfered goodies from each and every one of them.  I wish everyday was the grand opening of a dog store….

In addition to the costume parade, there were numerous contests hosted by Good Day Sacramento’s Courtney Dempsey.

Courtney Dempsey from Good Day Sacramento was the emcee

Wilbur and I decided to enter the talent contest as a team — a dancing team.  Dancing with the Stars, watch out!

When it was our turn, the DJ played Who Let the Dogs Out and mama gave us her “dance” prompt.  In our moment in the spotlight, Wilbur just stared at mama and I decided to lay down.  But when mama presented treats, Wilbur and I balanced on our hind legs and did our spins to clapping from the crowd.

I felt pretty good about our performance until this pooch called Chewy took the stage and put us to shame.  He truly knew every trick in the book!  Clearly he nailed the win on this one and I was anxious for the next competition — one I was certain I could win.

The next contest was the dog/owner lookalike test.  The first contestant was a portly Beagle and his human twin.  The crowd clearly enjoyed their similarities and the manner in which they worked the runway.

When it was our turn, I could tell that Courtney didn’t think we had the chops… that was until mama shook her hair loose from a bun and put her face next to mine.  Definitive winner!  Mama and I strutted as we received our beautiful gift bag filled with doggy delicacies to applause from the crowd.  Sweet!

Mama & I winning --- but grandma cut me out of the picture!

Grandma had our camera and intended to get a photo when we won, but somehow she only got mama in the frame!  This is the second time mama has aced first place in this category.  Her first win came when she was only 3 years old with her first dog, Brigette.

I know that in the big scheme of life, today’s win was a minor victory.  But considering the challenges this past month, this was big!  I’m a winner once again!

Post-victory hug

first time mama won a dog/human lookalike contest