Heavenly Duties of a Furry Angel

Friends, I must apologize for my long absence since making my last earthly connection with you.  You wouldn’t believe how busy life in heaven is for a furry angel!

Up here I look after my family (which I also did in my earthly incarnation), and I hold other responsibilities as well.  I suppose by doggie charms hold greater value here and I’ve been to tapped to try to influence other earthly souls beyond my family.  Of course, all earthly beings have guardian angels (some furry) who attempt to guide and counsel…but unless the heart and mind are open, you may miss our direct signals.

I’ve told you about some of the ways I’m letting mama and my family feel me with them all the time — the subtle (and not so subtle) ways I insert my knowing into their daily lives.  Mama is all heart when it comes to me and we are both comforted remaining in each other’s presence.

I’ve been tasked by the Big Dog to influence specific peeps and pups, and my efforts are met with varying degrees of success.

I had huge success last week as I guarded over Bella’s tumor surgery and Dr. Nathan (Bella’s surgeon) felt me completely.  Of course he’s a vet, so it stands to reason that he understands the eternal nature of a dog’s soul and our participation with our families even after transitioning.

Timmy's helping Bella for me (she feels me, but needs a some real puppy kisses)

Bella is healing well and is acting as perky as ever even though she has a 3 inch incision on the back of her neck.  We received news on Friday that Bella’s tumor is cancerous, potentially VAC (vaccination associated carcinoma) and we will learn next week, after further tests, what her next course of treatment will be.

I can tell you definitely that it is not Bella’s time to move on and mama understands this too.  So, unlike when I was ill, my family is not worried.  They are confident that she will continue to heal and live her very full kitty existence.

I’m having a harder time connecting with some other individuals that the Big Dog assigned to me.  I remain optimistic that eventually, some common doggie sense will get through, but for now I’m having no impact.

You see, I’m trying to affect some change of heart with the seemingly heartless, and that’s a tough task for any furry angel!  I will save specifics for another post as I’m at a loss right now…just shaking my head in disbelief at the public attacks on women, their rights and their health that is taking place in the United States at present.

Furry angels & the Big Dog are all shaking their manes at the distasteful and cruel behavior we are witnessing.  Nothing dog-like at all coming from some of the male species right now… As I said, more to come on this later.

Lastly, my angelic duties doubled this week as I welcomed two of mama’s childhood favorites to heaven:  Davy Jones and Ronnie Montrose.  It’s a sad week on earth for peeps who loved music of the ’60’s and ’70’s, but heaven is rockin’!

Sending all FOA’s heaven-sent licks and wags!  I promise to make more frequent appearances… I miss you all!


Love Is All There Is…

Well, it looks like on Earth folks are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day — the day when peeps are hyper-focused on love.  Did you know that dogs Are love?  Truly, we are bundles of furry love overflowing!

showing mama some love a few years ago... I miss being able to kiss her!

For us precious pooches every act, every breath is running through a filter of love.  You know all that fur that some dogs shed?  Think of it as furry fairy-dust, sprinkling love all over your house!  I bet you have a different perspective about your shedding pet now, don’t you?

John and Paul said “love is all there is” and they were right.  One of the marvels of my transition has been to commune with others who have left the earthly plain.  And, I must say, that I never thought I’d have the chance to witness John Lennon compose angelic love songs, but I have.  If you thought his compositions were grand down there, you should hear what he’s come up with since his passing!

Love is a snuggle.   Love is what I feel every time my tail wags (which is constant).  Love is the happiness you feel when a friend succeeds. Love is food.  Love is in sunshine and rain clouds and every blade of grass your puppy relieves himself on.

Timmy Elijah Love loves his brother Wilbur

Love is romantic.  Love is ever-lasting.  Love is your pack of friends.  Love is in your paycheck.  Love vibrates through the music you adore.  Love is your neighbor and even your enemy.

Love is Everywhere!

Love is waiting for you at the pet adoption center near you!

If you are considering adding a much shorter member to your family, there’s no day like love day to make

Adopt a furry bundle of love at your local shelter!

your move.  A furry bundle of joy is waiting for you — waiting to share his abundant love with you every moment.

Even though I’m no longer with mama physically, she feels my love constantly as I feel her love reaching up to me.

Open your hearts to the love that surrounds you, peeps!  I love all of my FOA’s and hope you feel that in the deepest part of yourself.

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?  How do you define love?


True Bravery

I’m ending the week with a link to an inspirational article and video about young Lily Anderson who sang the National Anthem at last night’s Brave’s game.  The 10 year old’s sweet voice was clear and confident as she stood on the mound in her “Rally Kids” jersey.

feeling inspired... how about you?

Atlanta’s boys of summer may be called the Braves, but Lily is an example of true bravery.  She’s not battling at the plate against a fierce southpaw — Lily is battling her own cells.  You see, she is fighting stage 4 neuroblastoma and has endured much chemotherapy and treatment.

Lily’s story and courage inspired this pup today.  If she’s able to bravely battle cancer and bravely stand in front of a national audience and sing, then I can get through any minor event in my life.

I encourage you to click on the link above to the video and then go over and “like” her facebook public figure page to show your support for this brave little human.  You can find more information about Lily, her condition and how you can help on her website.

Lily is in my prayers and pawsitive thoughts.  Sending this brave youngster my waggiest wishes for complete recovery.  Won’t you do the same?


Wilbur: Worry Wart or Opera Diva?

While mama’s at the surgery center this morning, I’m trying to distract Wilbur from his worrying and pacing.  As you readers know, I’m a pretty happy and easy going lad — that’s not to say I don’t get riled up around certain topics — but I’m not a worry wart.  The same cannot be said for my little brother.

I was teaching Wilbur how to do a little internet surfing and showing him some of my favorite sites to explore.  Political blogs, sports stories, videos of the Giant’s, comedy from Funny or Die and, of course, YouTube videos featuring animals.

I got this wig to dress up as lady gaga, but now I think it's really an opera wig

I found the most brilliant video and it has me wanting to vacation in Minnesota.  You see, The Walker Art Center is Minneapolis is producing an opera called Tragedy of the Sea Nymph and it is for, and starring, dogs!  This is not a typo.  The orchestra and singers are humans, but the actors are dogs.

Wilbur and I were riveted watching this video.  In fact, we had to view it several times.  This is a brand new concept to us — dogs and opera — and we seriously think it could become very popular across the country.

Wilbur and I both look fantastic in wigs, so it’s a natural for us to step into these roles (you must view the video to see what I mean with my reference to wigs).  And Wilbur discovered he has a lovely voice for singing opera.  Not only did I succeed in distracting Wilbur from his fears, but I also encouraged his previously unknown vocal talent.

after practicing singing, Wilbur and I agree that he's a tenor

Mama returned home wearing a goofy smile and moving like jiggly jello.  Cousin Velma assisted her up the steps and into the house taking care that mama’s knees didn’t collapse beneath her.

I was surprised to see mama so giggly and bubbly upon returning from the surgery center, as I had expected her to be groggy and pain-ridden.  Apparently, the doctors used some happy drugs, in addition to pain killers, on mama.

She told us about her experience and all the wonderful and beautiful people who work at the surgery center.  From her description it seemed all the female employees were Sports Illustrated swimsuit models and the male staff members rivaled George Clooney.  I learned later that the staff was getting a big laugh over mama’s exclamations about their beauty and sweetness.  Happy drugs!

After I helped mama eat a sandwich and made sure she drank plenty of water, I tucked her into bed.  With a wide smile on her face she rapidly fell into a nap at the center of a Wilbur & Atticus sandwich while Bella kept guard at the foot of the bed.

For a pup, I feel good about all I’ve accomplished today.  I’ve proven that I can assuage Wilbur’s fears (while simultaneously encouraging his talents) and that I’m a fine caretaker.

Now, bring on the treats!


Dogs Need to Rock Too…

Chris Robinson & Bob Weir

The rock & roll gods have been with mama lately.  In fact, she’s been so lucky recently that I insisted she buy a lottery ticket today.

Mark "Muddy" Dutton on bass with CRB

Mama has been to a number of Chris Robinson Brotherhood shows the past two months and has been stage-side for most shows, relishing the small venues.

There is nothing like seeing favorite musicians from a close vantage point (as Wilbur and I know from last summer’s Pet-a-Palooza featuring The BareNaked Ladies).

Two weekends in a row mama has been gifted tickets to concerts.  Last weekend, Chris (of Waggy’s Pet- Sitting), scored tickets for a benefit concert at Raley Field benefiting the Hope Foundation and the headliner was KISS.

what a production! (& I wasn't allowed to go due to my canine status....)

Following her lucky pattern, the tickets weren’t ordinary tickets; they were stage-side access passes!  She was so close that she was nearly scorched by the heat from the pyrotechnics.

Mama was transported back to junior high and enjoyed every wild moment.  A KISS concert is not really a concert but a full-blown Vegas-style show.  And it’s surprisingly kid-friendly.  (I’ll never understand why kids are allowed to events where dogs are not.  We are generally better behaved and cleaner.  Someday…)

Because of mama’s continued good fortune throughout the week, we had to spend the weekend with grandma and Cody.  You see my lucky mum won 4 tickets to Further Fest in the Bay Area from local radio station, the Eagle 96.9.  Now this is mama’s preferred kind of concert; deadheads and hippies.

ready for a dead show!

My mama always says she was born a decade late.  She thinks she was supposed to be a flower child so this was the perfect show for her.

While I was avoiding crazy Cody, mama was rocking out to Bob Weir and Phil Lesh with her friends.  I’m not complaining, but I’d rather be at a concert than hanging out with Cody (no disrespect, little guy).  When dogs rule the world (and someday we will…mark my words) all venues will be open to canines.

I'm a musician but I'm not allowed in nightclubs... something is wrong with this!

I feel like I’ve been missing out on so much fun but I take comfort in knowing that Pet-A-Palooza is right around the corner.  At least I’m assured of going to at least one concert this summer.

The summer concert season has begun.  What shows do you plan to see?