Pics of my Buddies

In these images, you will find pictures of some of my many friends.  I’ve met a lot of great pups at Folsom Dogpark and Phoenix Park (Fair Oaks), plus I have a pack of other buddies through various sources.  I guess you could say I’m popular! (Well, I was voted Most Popular in puppy kindergarten…)

Maybe you are on this page!  And, if you aren’t, feel free to send me a photo and I’ll add it.

Mohan's got energy!

Biscuit - FOA from Arizona

Chip! the Chipster!

puppy play!


Breeze (love this pup!)

cutest puppy! (& wilbur getting yelled at)

wild man!

Wilamena -- adorable pup!

conference with Hannah & Wilbur at the park



Coco & Happia

Gunner loves his soccer ball!

Lou the wonder dog!

my Lucy!

another English Cocker at the park! cool!


Hannah! (after me, the happiest dog on the planet)

Tybalt & Maggie


Maggie - Portuguese Water Dog

me with my Besties--The Z's

showing true team spirit at the park! gotta love those Giants!

baby Isadore (4 months)

Uncle Cody is always smiling...especially when he's chasing Eddie!

millie-- my favorite little bulldog

Little Paris Noel---Famous Dog model (and my personal friend!)

rogue (his name, not demeaner)

Buster pimp boy! (we have the same outfit!)

corky -- half dalmation half jack-russel.. quite a dog!


fluffy cutie! (forgot his name, sorry)

Diasy & her ball (she's never without her orange ball!--obessed much!)& Zoe too

Wildebeast (one of my nicknames for Wilbur) with Zoe

cutest French Bulldog EVER! saw him at Petapalooza 2010

Taz, the dancing dog (after getting into a bag of flour)

Jonah (a Puppy!?! or pony??)

Lucy & her sister

Beemer (mama's tennis partner's dog)

Everyone loves Luca!

the Z's, in their luxurious infinity pool (built to their specifications -- seriously!)

Kira and Wilbu

sloppy friend :)

playing with maddie

my boxer buddy

Cody, Ernie, Peaches & friends

follow the leader

sweet Timmy & his French Bulldog, Cy. Ok, we don't really know them, but wish we did!!

T-Bone! The T-Man! Love this guy!

puppy love... need I say more?

at petapalooza in their own little vehicle... cool!

A lively conversation at the dogpark

Louie-a baby French Bull Mastiff

Zak-one of my Bestest friends!

I see a bath in your future...

Ernie...what a face!

Sweet Katie.... Love her!

Happy puppy, Rusty

Charlie - new kid at the dogpark

Gunner & Corky

Jackie O and Layla

Coda playing with the broken sprinkler (and she doesn't usually like water!)

Luca! One of my favorite pals

Gunner & his trusty soccer ball