Random Acts of Generosity

It’s funny… I’m a pup who regularly reflects upon what I am grateful for in my life, but I have a hard time accepting generosity from others.  Don’t get me wrong — of course I’m appreciative and grateful, but for some reason I’m uncomfortable with others randomly gifting me.

Clearly, I need to shift my thinking.  I love to give to others; giving my resources, time, consult, licks and gifts.  This comes naturally to me and I assume others will take my offerings with grace and appreciation.  And, it feels good to me to give freely of myself.

So why is it shocking and uncomfortable to me when I receive random acts of giving?  Clearly, this is writing prompt (in true Judy Stone-Goldman, Reflective Writer, form).

Over the past weeks, I have been surprised by numerous gifts via snail-mail.  As I mentioned to you a couple of weeks ago, after my surgery some FOA’s spontaneously and generously sent checks to aid with my medical bills.  I was floored by the giving nature of my friends and special bark-outs need to go out to Trish, Grandma, Bill and Karin, among others.

This week mama & I received two boxes from Amazon, and we hadn’t ordered anything.   Again, FOA’s (and FOM’s) understood our deepest desires and acted with their giving spirits.

unexpected gifts from friends thru Amazon -- I'm filled with gratitude!

One day this week, we received the DVD of the show Sons of Anarchy, season 3.  You see, mama & I started watching this program through our Netflix streaming service (which we since cut), had seen the first two seasons.  We had been on a long waiting list to receive the discs for season 3 (again, since we cancelled our service last week, our queue is now moot).

Weeks and weeks ago mama and her old high school chum, Jeff, had been discussing this series as Jeff is a diehard fan too.  He insisted we Must see season 3 as soon as possible — well, we already knew that!  When we last saw the show baby Abel had been kidnapped and Gemma was on the run — we have been on pins and needles for months!

And then the 4 disc series magically appeared in our mailbox with a gift note from Jeff.   Blimey — we didn’t expect a gift of this series!  Sure, we had passionately discussed our (mama’s!) love for Jax with Jeff, but never expected Jax and his gang to show up on our doorstep via Amazon!

Then today our mail carrier (whom I love to bark at — it’s stereotypical but I am a dog!) left another Amazon box on our doorstep.  This time it held the book “The Ultra Mind Solution”, a nutrition book that mama’s bestie, Brigid, has been evangelizing for months.    We saw Brig just two weeks ago and didn’t even discuss the book, yet there it was on the porch.

Receiving support and love through Amazon is seriously underrated!  And, I must admit, that I’m a bit mystified about how to react to such caring and love from mama’s decades-old friends.

For me (& mama), it’s easier and more comfortable to give than to receive — why is that?  I seriously need to work on this…

I suppose a surprise gift — you know, that unexpected “something” — is even more appreciated by those on the receiving end than a gift for a birthday or holiday — the “expected” gift.  Let’s all commit to practicing random acts of giving and immense gratitude when we are receiving these heart-felt, unanticipated acts of generosity.