Change is Pawsome!

Mama and the four-legged family moved to new digs this weekend.  Change of place with flowing space.  Change of attitude with abundance of gratitude.  It’s all good.  Pawsome, in fact!

Our old home was a good spot to transition, but it was time to move on and expand.  We were getting pretty crowded in our small, historic house in old town Folsom and mama was feeling the walls closing in.  A larger home was needed.

Mama is feeling free.  Our new house has good flow — roomy, airy and bright.  In spirit, I’m inhabiting this new abode with mama. Wilbur, Timmy E and Bella.  They feel my presence and my excitement for this new chapter.

It’s time for a change.  Not just a new home but a change in the freedom to be who we are.  We’re certainly not a cookie-cuter family (2 dogs, 1 cat, mama and a furry angel) and we needed something that suited us.

A spacious living room with French doors creates an open and inviting place to chillax with comfort.  The room exudes even more peacefulness since mama hung her O.F.’s (original Franziskas‘ – FOA and amazing artist!)  Mama has a big office, there’s plenty of storage space and we now have a guest bedroom.  We’re so excited to have the space to entertain friends and family.  And we are a pet-friendly accommodation, if you’d like to stay for a few days.

This move comes at the perfect moment.  Actually, every moment is perfection if we have a certain pawspective.  Every encounter, every circumstance is a moment to relish; to learn and grow.  The situation with Timmy E’s hospitalization is cause for paws.    Close relationships (especially family relationships) are complicated and sometimes tangled.  It’s good to take a step back and reevaluate from time to time.

Timmy E is always authentic... he's a puppy!

Mama has learned that she needs to be clearer in speaking her mind and her wishes.  That’s a good lesson to learn for any human!  Authenticity and truthfulness at a soul level is what we all strive for and mama is grateful for the lessons learned.  We were all justifiably peeved at what happened to Timmy, but we’re passed that.

Forgiveness is easier when we realize that everyone is doing their best.  It may not be what we want or need or agree with, but everyone’s on their own journey, at their own pace.

Walk your life’s journey with wagginess and an open heart to receive lessons.  Life is joyous with a furry angel’s outlook.

~ wags & peace ~


How Furry Angels Pursue Happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It’s almost Independence Day and I’ve been thinking about this edict.  What does being happy mean and how does one pursue it?

For this furry angel, happiness is just being.  I am happy because I choose to be happy and I know it’s my divine birthright.  Sure, it’s easy to have that state of being as an angel, but I felt this way in my earthly body too.

It's easy to choose happiness and Pawsomeness!

I’ve come to believe that we each have the ability to decide how happy we want to be.  If you focus on all the good stuff in your life, it’s easier to hold a joyful state of mind.

What you think about has great power over how you feel.  I wake up thinking about endless grass to romp in, peanut butter treats, the love I feel from my family and the recent success of my SF Giant’s.  It’s impossible not to feel happy when I hold this focus!

I’ve taught mama well and she’s finally getting the hang of choosing perpetual happiness too.  Having pups in the house inevitably drives the happiness thermometer higher & mama’s feeling the happiness heat!

Wilbur is choosing happiness

Because of some deep hurts and challenges, mama got out of the habit of being diligent about her pursuit of happiness.  Part of my purpose on earth was to remind mama that her default emotions are happiness, joy and gratitude — not worry and regret — and I can happily report Mission Accomplished!

Mama has been on a happiness high and I’m smiling down upon her.  She adores Timmy, Wilbur and Bella, enjoys stimulating work, has incredible friends and lives near family that she loves.  Staying laser focused on pawsitive people and activities is clearly the way to pursue happiness.

You’ll find that the happier you are, the happier everyone around you will feel.  Next time you’re in the grocery store, focus on how happy you are to be there.  Hold gratitude for the abundance of food choices, compliment a fellow shopper on their cute shoes, eyeglasses or baby, thank the checker for doing a good job, etc… I promise that if you do these small things, people will be smiling with you.  You’ll look around and feel joy emanating from everyone.

Quick tip from your furry angel:  The quickest way to achieve a high level of happiness is to hug a dog!

Pursue happiness with great gusto, friends!  And report back to me on the grocery store experiment.

~ Wags & Peace ~


Cat Fanciers — Mama Needs Your Advice!

Hello from heaven, friends!  You’re all looking good from where I sit.  Mama wants help with a problem — not a puppy problem —  an issue with my feline sister Bella.  Or at least mama thinks it’s an issue.

Bella in Timmy's crate (she thinks she's a dog!)

Bella is the most dog-like cat you could ever meet.  She really has never identified with her kittiness, instead her behaviors are more canine-like.  Bella’s always gotten on splendidly with her dog brothers (me, Wilber and Timmy E.) and like everyone in my family she misses my presence.

I have been visiting Bella more frequently, coming to her in her quiet moments, and she feels my energy completely.  A couple of months ago Bella had a cancer scare.  She had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor between her shoulder blades.  The vet suspects it’s VAC— Vaccine Associated Cancer.  Yes, this is scary.  Humans vaccinate us thinking they’re doing the right thing, but the vaccines sometimes are the catalyst for cancer.

But that’s not what this post is about (although I foresee digging into this topic deeper at some point).  Bella’s recovery was amazing.  She’s always so easy going, loving and happy and even post-surgery she remained herself.  Her downtime was short and her recovery quick.  I had been whispering sweet angel encouragement to her and she found comfort in my presence.

I was giddy observing Bella fully recover, which got me thinking like my old mischievous earthbound self… Now here’s mama “issue”:

Bella has been acting like a maniac, tearing through the house, running on the sink and bouncing off the furniture.  And she usually only does this as everyone else in the house is starting to fall asleep.

Timmy just wants to get some rest

When Bella sees their eyelids closing, she starts her engines and off she goes.  Bella finds the most enjoyment in trampolining off their bodies on the bed down to the floor and then races around.  Then it’s more jumping and silliness.  She is very, very disruptive to mama and the pups’ sleep.

So this is mama’s issue and for what she is seeking advice:  how can she stop Bella from acting wild at night?

Dear readers, you can answer mama if you feel inclined and have had a similar experience.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’m encouraging Bella to behave this way.  You see, I am with her and I’m trying to get the others to notice that it’s me bouncing around the house.

I know when mama figures it out her irritation over Bella’s wacky nighttime exercise will melt into awe, knowing that her little baby man is always around.


The Shocking Truth About Angels

I visit mama everyday and she’s feels it.  And I’m not just talking about how my soulful presence surrounds her with warmth and love, but really feeling me.

What's that? Something just zapped me!

You see, young Timmy channels some of my spiritual energy in a shocking manner.  Nearly every time mama touches Timmy they both feel an electric shock.  Some peeps would overlook this phenomenon as simply static electricity…but it’s not.

What they are physically experiencing is my energy…my electrical current touching them tangibly.  Timmy is perplexed when I do this and he frantically looks around for the source.  Mama clearly understands and with each charged jolt, she smiles wider.

We’re all made up of energy, right?  And just because I’m not on earth any longer doesn’t mean my energy has vanished.

I refrain from interjecting my energy when mama and Timmy are enjoying relaxing petting time.  Of course, I’d love to be in the middle of that love-fest but I understand that they need some special bonding without my intervention.  And this takes a bit of serious restraint on my part.

I’ve been cavorting with other furry angels and each has a special way of communicating with their earth-bound family.  Unfortunately, yet understandably, some folks are too deep in their grief to recognize the signs from their transitioned loved ones.  I encourage all souls to be open to messages of love from all realms…to look beyond their pain and open their hearts to the unseen.

No one escapes the loss of a loved one.  It’s part of the cycle of love — if we open ourselves, we are vulnerable to feelings of loss and sadness.  But the alternative is the only truly dead state.

FOA’s, I’d love to hear how you experience your transitioned loved ones.  Are you open to their guidance, support and love?  Do you have fear of opening our heart again to a soul who is physically gone?


How to Name a Puppy (with Angel Intervention)

I told you in my post Heaven Sent Messages that I would fill you in on how the pup, Timmy Elijah Love, got his name… and it’s a doozy, if I do say so myself.  Of course, my influence was key to this decision, but read for yourself how the confluence of spirit, serendipity and relationships formed this elegant name.

Little Timmy Elijah Love

Once mama came to the conclusion that she must adopt this new little guy she started pondering names.  Her first inclination is always towards personally meaningful, literary or cultural names.  Names that immediately came to mind were Aramis, Amadeus and Sirius (notice the cadence of all are in sync with Atticus — no coincidence!)

Backtrack one month… An FOA I met through twitter (a gloriously centered and spiritual soul — @OneLoveOneEarth) had emailed mama telling her that her son had some insights on the night of my transition and when mama was ready, she wanted to share.  We’ll come back to this storyline in a moment…

During a road-trip last weekend, the name Timmy kept coming into mama’s mind.  It made sense because both mama and I have a deep love and respect for young Timmy Lincecum, ace Giant’s pitcher and 2-time Cy Young award winner.  As you FOA’s know, mama has been a diehard SF Giant’s fan since she was a wee child and Timmy holds a special place for her.

Timmy Lincecum

Our “freaky” pitcher stands for so much more than award and World Series Championship winner.  For us, Timmy Lincecum is a beacon of hope and resiliency.  Proof that an underdog — a skinny, scrawny, long-haired kid — is capable of indescribable greatness.  A strong name indeed, but others thought it was a little silly and not dignified enough.

As mama was driving, she was listening to her beloved Chris Robinson Brotherhood and grooving to their rendition of the old classic, “Poor Elijah”.  Then when she switched to the radio, can you guess what song was playing?  Eric Clapton’s version of Poor Elijah!  Lightbulb moment!  His name will be Elijah.

Now, getting back to my twitter friend… Mama came home to a long email from @OneLoveOneEarth and mama felt my spirit moving in the universe.

“December 12th, before bedtime, my son (Timmy) – who is six and VERY aware and intuitive – said some very interesting things.  He said it was a very special “angel day.”  To us an “angel day” is a day to honor someone’s passing.  Timmy is very passionate about Jesus (100% his own truth and took me completely by surprise a few years ago) and is curious about “Jesus’ friends who are now angels.” “

“He told me that night (December 12th) a very special angel was being born.  Timmy that the special angel was going to the Light because he believed in the Light.  He said the angel’s family believes in the Light too – and that they’d be sad – but they should be happy because the new angel would be very happy.”

Sweet baby

Blimey!!  Little Timmy’s revelations were spoken at almost the exact time of my transition!  And Mama had no idea of our friend’s son name.   It immediately made sense to mama… I was driving this decision from the heavens and she got it!  Timmy Elijah Love.

They say the universe works in mysterious ways.  But it’s not such a mystery when there’s a furry angel keeping watch.