Is Michael Moore My Guardian Angel? Part 2

I closed part one of this post wondering if a precocious pup like myself had any chance of receiving support from the illustrious Michael Moore with our health insurance battle.

You FOA’s know that I’m a persistent pooch and loathe to let injustices just slip by without trying to create some sort of change.  Hey, my tactics have worked (somewhat) with the Folsom Police Department and I had hope that Mr. Moore, one of my personal heroes, would somehow come to our aid.

I took it upon myself to tweet and email Mr. Moore last week asking his advice with mama’s situation.  Sure, he’s an Academy Award winner and busy with Occupy Wall Street right now but I was hoping he’d see himself in me (albeit, I’m a bit smaller & hairier):  he’s a truth seeker, I’m a truth seeker.  He seethes at injustice, as do I.  He strives to make our country a better place, and I do too.  And, we both look fabulous in baseball caps!

Michael & Me (notice the resemblance?)

I believe what happened on Sunday morning was a miracle of sorts.  Mama was getting ready to go to the Spiritual Center for Positive Living while I was checking statuses online.  When I logged on to twitter the very first tweet I saw was from Michael Moore saying that he was about to start a 3 hour interview on BookTV and calls were welcome.

Blimey!  Open access to Mr. Moore just as I was reaching out to him.  Mama tried and tried the phone number but kept getting a busy tone.  We figured if we got through before 10am that it was a sign.  & if not, it was also a sign (for mama to get her behind out the door and up to the spiritual center!).

At 9:55am we reached one of the producers and our question was “accepted”.  Now we had to wait until the interviewer said “we have Heidi on the line from California” and then we were live with Mr. Moore!  As expected, he was gracious and anxious to give us his advice.  He and mama even shared a little laugh.

Mr. Moore urged us to hold insurers accountable and fight, fight, fight!  Never give up.  He confirmed what we already knew (from watching his masterpiece, Sicko) about insurance companies:  it is their goal to deny as many claims as possible to enhance the wealth & profits for executives and shareholders over the health of it’s customers.

If Michael Moore (and dogs) ruled the world, these practices would be illegal.

We feel a renewed sense of feistiness to fight for what’s right — to fight for our rights!  Receiving encouragement from Michael Moore was like getting a vaccination against health insurers.  We feel strong and resilient; confident that with tenacity we will prevail.

Mama and I really feel that our opportunity to speak directly with Michael Moore about our plight was a miracle.  We prayed, wished and hoped for a conversation with Mr. Moore, and that conversation materialized.  A pawsome miracle, I say!

Have you had miracles, big or small, occur in your life recently?  Please share!