Cheers! (and fears…)

Please excuse my unplanned hiatus, readers, but this normally precocious pup has been temporarily sidelined by the aftermath of our recent attack.  My natural optimism and curiosity has been stymied by the unexpected residual effects of our trauma.

Earlier this week, my staples were removed which has made my healing more tolerable and less itchy.  The added irritation of metal around my wounds was causing me to feel a tad irritable, which is not my usual state of mind, and I am happier now that the foreign metals are gone from my skin.

But, I am still feeling uncharacteristically fearful and timid and am finding comfort hibernating with my family this week.  I am not comfortable yet walking again in my neighborhood, knowing the offending dogs still reside around the corner and feel that I still need further healing to gain my confidence.

I spent time with my smaller canine family members during the holidays and they were respectful of my precarious state of mind and body, taking care not to engage me in rowdy puppy-play.  Thankfully, I was able to fully enjoy the festivities and participate in the gift-opening, my favorite part of Christmas, without further injury.

Opening presents!

Even as a puppy, I always fully understood the meaning of presents and the thrill that every child experiences tearing into a wrapped gift, and this Christmas was no different.  I plunged into the first gift bag I spied with my name on the tag.  My body was fully engulfed by the giant wrapping-bag and I emerged with a new baby and a chew toy.  Brilliant!

I had many gifts to open and I fully appreciated and enjoyed all of my presents.  The younger pups in my family were not as keyed into this game, so I enthusiastically assisted them.  It has been a week since Christmas and, to my knowledge, the youngsters still haven’t realized that I absconded with all of their chew toys.  (Yes, a sneaky move by this holiday veteran, but it can remain our secret.)

I'm taking All of the stockings...

I sincerely hope you have all been glowing with holiday cheer this season.  I may have been illuminating a little less brightly than usual, but I was still able to bask in the surprises, happiness, presents, food and merriment of the holidays.

Cheers and paws up to the new year!


Light in the Darkness

Like most pups and peeps, I adore this time of year.  I enjoy the smells of holiday baking   (although I’m never given as many samples as I feel I deserve), the scent of a fresh Christmas tree and the spectacle of lights that surround these weeks make my tail wag and my heart smile.

Christmas past... (I am unable to dress up this year due to my injuries)

I embrace all celebrations of light and joy this month of December; the Festival of Light that is Diwali, the candles on the menorah for Hanukkah and strings of lights for Christmas.  It’s all good and in my mind delivers the same message of light against the darkness.  Truth and goodness (that is light) will always triumph over the darkness in our world; dark events, dark emotions and dark beings.

I’ve not quite been myself this past week due to our dog attack and unfortunate interactions with the Folsom Police Department, but now that I’m more clearly thinking as myself (past the immediate physical shock and trauma) I can see a higher purpose for our mauling and mistreatment.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that these events happened during the season of light.

As you loyal readers know, I am a passive puppy and a peacenik, but mama and I did declare to the universe not long ago, that we will no longer stand for abuse or injustice of any kind, and this forces me to fight for my rights.   I feel our misfortune may have been divinely inspired and our declaration is being tested.  Are we so strong in our stance against abuse and injustice that are willing to stand up to the “men in blue”?

It’s a bold move to stand firmly against injustice, especially if it is perpetrated by those charged with “protecting and serving” our community, and many have warned us that it’s losing battle.  In light of us being in the midst of the season of lights, I now find a profound purpose in shining a large spotlight on injustice, big or small, regardless of the uniform an offender may wear.

I am fortifying my resolve in this matter spiritually and legally.  I am going to celebrate this weekend without worry or fear, knowing the light of truth will prevail.

How far are you willing to go to stand up for your beliefs?