Righteous Anger… Angel-Approved

My heart is breaking for mama as she is experiencing deja-vu.  Timmy Elijah was admitted to the emergency hospital yesterday — the same hospital where I made my final transition from Earth.  And, Timmy is in there for the exact same issue I was!

Mama is beside herself with grief, worry and righteous anger.  Anger doesn’t feel like a very angelic quality, but even this furry angel knows that sometimes anger is warranted and needs to be released.

As you probably recall, it was only 7 months ago that I passed due to organ failure from toxicity.  My doctors said that my decline could only come from two sources:  a wild death-cap mushroom or a sago palm .  I was at grandma’s when I became ill and mama immediately inquired if grandma had a sago palm in her yard and learned that she did.

After my transition, mama insisted that grandma remove the deadly plant from her yard.  Sago palms are not only highly toxic and potentially deadly for animals, but also for humans (especially children).  80% of animals who ingest the plant will die, even with aggressive medical treatment.  Grandma often watches Timmy E and Wilbur if mama’s out of town and it was imperative that the offending palms be removed.

Grandma assured us that the palms were gone.

Timmy E earlier in the day (pre-poisoning)

Yesterday, my family was at grandma’s for a family lunch.  Within 10 minutes, Timmy E was seen chewing a plant on grandma’s deck — a plant that suspiciously looked like a sago palm — but it couldn’t be.  We had been assured months ago that the deadly flora had been disposed.

Imagine our utter shock when grandma said she didn’t actually get rid of the palm because “it’s so pretty and what stupid animal would chew on a plant like that?”.  I felt the heat exploding from mama all the way in heaven at that remark.  Mama was livid (and honestly, still is)!  The plant that took me away from my mama on Earth had been moved back onto the deck at puppy-mouth level!

Chewing, licking or ingesting the fronds, rootball or trunk of a sago palm will cause liver failure within hours without treatment.  And sago palms are attractive to animals.  They like the smell and taste.

Knowing these facts, mama rushed Timmy Elijah to the emergency pet hospital where they immediately induced vomiting, followed by alternating courses of charcoal and an iv drip to detoxify his liver.

Timmy E is a little fighter and as of this printing he is resting at the hospital.  If he continues to stay steady and improve, he should be released tomorrow.  Liver (and other organs) failure can happen within hours or days of exposure to sago toxins.  If he comes home tomorrow, mama needs to keep a close eye on him for the next couple of days.

Anger is not a comfortable emotion, at least not for mama, but she is in a firestorm of anger and pissiness right now.  And I don’t blame her.

Be kind & compassionate to your pets & kids! Know potential toxins (isn't that what google is for?)

She is angry that her own mother lied to her about disposing the palm.  Angry that grandma did not seem to understand the severity of toxicity surrounding that particular plant.  And immense anger when, later last night, grandma defended her actions to mama with the statement “I didn’t believe you that the plant was toxic.  You can be over-dramatic”.

I normally sign-off with “peace & wags”.  Today I sign off with “seething & worried…”


How Furry Angels Pursue Happiness

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It’s almost Independence Day and I’ve been thinking about this edict.  What does being happy mean and how does one pursue it?

For this furry angel, happiness is just being.  I am happy because I choose to be happy and I know it’s my divine birthright.  Sure, it’s easy to have that state of being as an angel, but I felt this way in my earthly body too.

It's easy to choose happiness and Pawsomeness!

I’ve come to believe that we each have the ability to decide how happy we want to be.  If you focus on all the good stuff in your life, it’s easier to hold a joyful state of mind.

What you think about has great power over how you feel.  I wake up thinking about endless grass to romp in, peanut butter treats, the love I feel from my family and the recent success of my SF Giant’s.  It’s impossible not to feel happy when I hold this focus!

I’ve taught mama well and she’s finally getting the hang of choosing perpetual happiness too.  Having pups in the house inevitably drives the happiness thermometer higher & mama’s feeling the happiness heat!

Wilbur is choosing happiness

Because of some deep hurts and challenges, mama got out of the habit of being diligent about her pursuit of happiness.  Part of my purpose on earth was to remind mama that her default emotions are happiness, joy and gratitude — not worry and regret — and I can happily report Mission Accomplished!

Mama has been on a happiness high and I’m smiling down upon her.  She adores Timmy, Wilbur and Bella, enjoys stimulating work, has incredible friends and lives near family that she loves.  Staying laser focused on pawsitive people and activities is clearly the way to pursue happiness.

You’ll find that the happier you are, the happier everyone around you will feel.  Next time you’re in the grocery store, focus on how happy you are to be there.  Hold gratitude for the abundance of food choices, compliment a fellow shopper on their cute shoes, eyeglasses or baby, thank the checker for doing a good job, etc… I promise that if you do these small things, people will be smiling with you.  You’ll look around and feel joy emanating from everyone.

Quick tip from your furry angel:  The quickest way to achieve a high level of happiness is to hug a dog!

Pursue happiness with great gusto, friends!  And report back to me on the grocery store experiment.

~ Wags & Peace ~


Cat Fanciers — Mama Needs Your Advice!

Hello from heaven, friends!  You’re all looking good from where I sit.  Mama wants help with a problem — not a puppy problem —  an issue with my feline sister Bella.  Or at least mama thinks it’s an issue.

Bella in Timmy's crate (she thinks she's a dog!)

Bella is the most dog-like cat you could ever meet.  She really has never identified with her kittiness, instead her behaviors are more canine-like.  Bella’s always gotten on splendidly with her dog brothers (me, Wilber and Timmy E.) and like everyone in my family she misses my presence.

I have been visiting Bella more frequently, coming to her in her quiet moments, and she feels my energy completely.  A couple of months ago Bella had a cancer scare.  She had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor between her shoulder blades.  The vet suspects it’s VAC— Vaccine Associated Cancer.  Yes, this is scary.  Humans vaccinate us thinking they’re doing the right thing, but the vaccines sometimes are the catalyst for cancer.

But that’s not what this post is about (although I foresee digging into this topic deeper at some point).  Bella’s recovery was amazing.  She’s always so easy going, loving and happy and even post-surgery she remained herself.  Her downtime was short and her recovery quick.  I had been whispering sweet angel encouragement to her and she found comfort in my presence.

I was giddy observing Bella fully recover, which got me thinking like my old mischievous earthbound self… Now here’s mama “issue”:

Bella has been acting like a maniac, tearing through the house, running on the sink and bouncing off the furniture.  And she usually only does this as everyone else in the house is starting to fall asleep.

Timmy just wants to get some rest

When Bella sees their eyelids closing, she starts her engines and off she goes.  Bella finds the most enjoyment in trampolining off their bodies on the bed down to the floor and then races around.  Then it’s more jumping and silliness.  She is very, very disruptive to mama and the pups’ sleep.

So this is mama’s issue and for what she is seeking advice:  how can she stop Bella from acting wild at night?

Dear readers, you can answer mama if you feel inclined and have had a similar experience.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’m encouraging Bella to behave this way.  You see, I am with her and I’m trying to get the others to notice that it’s me bouncing around the house.

I know when mama figures it out her irritation over Bella’s wacky nighttime exercise will melt into awe, knowing that her little baby man is always around.


Grateful For Life’s Messy Moments

Apologies, friends, from my weeks long absence.  You have no idea how activity-packed my heavenly life is!  And mama’s had her hands full with puppy Timmy Elijah and exciting work projects.  But no excuses, as I have missed you all terribly!

Today is a very special day on earth and in heaven.  It’s Easter, of course.   A day of rebirth and release from earthly attachments.  And, it’s also Buddha’s birthday… did you know that?  To celebrate, mama and her grandma (my GG) attended a special rose-petal ceremony at the Spiritual Center for Positive Living.  90 minutes of music, meditation and a ceremony of light and love left mama and GG in a state of blissful joy.

Following service, the humans joined more family for a relaxing brunch full of good stories, giggles and more love.  And, I must say, that mama’s aunt & uncle asked about me and wondered when they would hear from me again.  Overseeing their conversation, I was moved to make time in my schedule to put paws to the keyboard and reconnect.

While my human family was enjoying each other and good grub, Wilbur and Timmy were waiting at home.  Since Timmy is still a wee pup and can’t be completely trusted, mama crates him when she leaves the house.

Sadly for Timmy, he had a poopy accident in his crate and sat in his mess.  Laid in his mess. And, in a desperate attempt to escape his soiled crate, Timmy flung poopy pieces out of his crate and all over the room!

post poopy-puppy bath

Luckily, mama was floating in a fog of blissful contentment when she returned to a very messy, smelly puppy and house.  Mama immediately stripped down to her skivvies (no need to dirty her Sunday best) and scooped a very anxious Timmy into a warm bubble bath.  It took nearly an hour for mama to clean Timmy, the crate, his bedding, the floor and the walls.  And two sticks of incense barely made a dent in the stench!

I would like to think it’s my influence on mama that she handled this situation with love, laughter and gratitude.  Grateful that she has a wonderful companion in Timmy and no amount of stinky dung can dim that gratitude and love.

As my readers know, I had my fair share of accidents and naughtiness in my earthly carnation, and

mama & her Easter boys... I so wish I was still in her arms too...

today’s mess made mama smile with memories of me.

It’s been a blessed Easter for my family and I wish the same for you and yours.  What did you do to celebrate Easter?  Passover?  Buddha’s birthday?  The rebirth of spring?


Who’s Your Shiny Inspiration?

“A wise man said, “The reason I see so far is because I stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before me.” Sometimes the giants are those people close to us, and people we see every day. Being so close, perhaps sometimes we don’t even realize their greatness. Or how their greatness gives us the boost to be great ourselves. Do you have friends, family, a beloved in your life that lifts you up, encourages you, hears you, supports you? If there is even one, you are rich. I am rich.” ~ Rev. Pattie Weber

This was posted on the Spiritual Center for Positive Living’s Facebook page yesterday (one of my favorite Facebook pages) and it has me feeling truly blessed.  Mama and I know some inspirational giants and I think they deserve to be recognized.

I certainly see greatness in all of my friends and acquaintances — it’s all in how you look at people — but a couple of people in my life radiate greatness in a extra-special ways.    They have light and sweetness radiating through every cell of their beings.  And I am inspired.

You’ve heard me mention cousin Velma and her dog, my cousin, Hannah.  Well, Velma is one of those peeps who makes you want to be a better person (or dog).  The energy and effort she seamlessly gives to others will inspire you too.

Velma and her mom (mama's Aunt Shirley)

Velma had a special birthday last week.  She turned 56 and she was born in 1956, so this will undoubtedly be an exceptionally special year for her.  Velma’s birthday is March 3, 1956 — yes, that’s 3-4-56 — extraordinary symmetry for an extraordinary woman.

This amazing woman is not only one of mama’s cousins, but also one of her best friends, confidant and inspiration.  She’s a wife, mom, sister to a 6 siblings (mother hen!), entrepreneur and ebay power-seller.  And she still has time to give of herself.

For her birthday, Velma wanted to spend the day doing things that make her happy.  Not an unusual birthday goal, but her choice of activities may inspire you.  Special Velma spent her special day handing out lunches to homeless families followed by an afternoon of karaoke at an assisted living facility.

I told you that you’d feel inspired!

Another light-filled being in our lives is my Aunt Lisa (mama’s dear friend).  Lisa is the embodiment of generosity.  She finds great joy in helping others — her family, her friends, her animals, her coworkers and her clients (cancer patients).

Aunt Lisa made sure she was with me in my last hours.  And, maybe more importantly, she was a comfort to mama as I was making my exit from my earth-body.  And it was Lisa, weeks later, who insisted on purchasing Timmy Elijah from the breeder to help heal my family.

Aunt Lisa with Timmy Elijah Love

A year ago, at the holidays, a friend of Lisa’s was having out of town family coming to visit and the friend was a bit stressed because her carpets were not “guest ready” (due to her pack of dogs).  Lisa’s friend felt she just had to be ok with the state of her carpets, as she didn’t have the funds to replace them.

Well, when Lisa’s friend went away for a weekend, Lisa grabbed the reins and hired a carpet company to come in and replace the flooring as a surprise for her friend.  Needless to say, the response was jaw-dropping appreciation!

Now you’re really inspired, right?

People like Velma and Lisa are earthly teachers and proof of Divine Presence.  We all have shiny, bright souls in our lives and I believe they are here to guide us to being better people, and pups.

I would love to hear about the shiny souls in your world!