I’m the Bob Greene of Healthy Pups!

For over six months I’ve been preaching about my Dog Diet Makeover and am pleased to report that I have converted a few of you.  My plan is so simple; 50% vegetables and fruits, 25% protein and 25% non-wheat/non-corn grain.  This dietary formula is not only perfection for pooches, but for their humans too.

I was tickled this week when I watched fitness-guru Bob Greene on Oprah and he said “50% of what’s on your plate should be fruits and vegetables.”  I am thrilled that my diet already matches what experts advise.

catching my breath after a run

Greene’s new book, 20 Years Younger, is a four-tiered approach to overall health and fitness.  His 4 important areas to master for a healthier, younger body and mind are nutrition, exercise, sleep and skin care.  His book is geared towards bipeds, but this is a lifestyle that I fully support for dogs as well.

I already have a properly balanced diet that closely mimics my mama’s food intake, although my protein (& Wilbur’s) is often meat-based whereas my human no longer consumes land animals.  She still has fish occasionally, but her primary protein sources are tofu and other soy products, legumes and eggs.

Mr. Green suggests 300 minutes of exercise per week.  I hear some humans groan at this number, but it’s really quite easy to fit in those hours — only 5 hours out of 168.  Once or twice a day, Wilbur & I walk with mama, which averages about 30 minutes a day.  Plus, weather permitting, we hit the dog park 5-6 times a week and if it’s raining, we often have a play date with friends.  Our dog park play time can be up to 60 minutes per outing, so our exercise hours add up quickly.

Like humans, sometimes we exercise hard and sometimes we just put in our time with a mellow walk, but the important thing is we are moving consistently.  Leaving Wilbur and I to supervise Bella, mama adds a few hours of tennis and some yoga classes each week as well.

Needless to say, none of us is overweight, even though I sometimes stray from my diet plan (like my assault on the Easter pastries!).

While Wilbur and my eating and exercise habits closely mimic our mama’s, our regimens differ when it comes to sleep and skin care.  Adequate sleep is a challenge for my human, but she is getting better.  On the other paw, Wilbur and I snooze a solid 9 hours every night and we never scrimp on our daytime naps.

Wilbur in excellent health (with excellent skin!)

When it comes to skin care, our real food diet takes care of our dermatological needs.  Once we trashed the kibble, with all it’s processed ungodly (and undogly!) ingredients including wheat and corn, our skin issues magically disappeared.  I no longer get ear infections or scratchy skin and Wilbur’s eye goo is almost nonexistent.  My human is “of a certain age” so her skin care regimen involves various products, lotions and potions.

Humbly speaking of course, I think Mr. Greene and I should collaborate on a healthy lifestyle book that speaks to peeps and pups.  I am a picture of health!

How do you manage nutrition, exercise, sleep and skin care for a healthier you?