The World Mourns…

Atticus Finch Alberti

August 6, 2005 – December 12, 2011

Atticus --- no ordinary dog

The world lost a hero this week.  Atticus Finch Alberti was the voice of reason and hope for his thousands of readers worldwide.  His special brand of commentary through his blog, Atticus Uncensored, revealed a fresh way of looking at the world; with hope, resiliency, love, abundant joy and humor.  And yes, Atticus was a canine.

Atticus left our world Monday evening in his mama’s arms after a brief, tragic illness.  He consumed a toxic plant or mushroom for which there is no antidote or cure.  Atticus was given a 1% chance to recover and his doctors valiantly pursued every course of action, but he was not meant to stay with us.

Atticus stood strong for social justice and equal rights.  He was the voice of the voiceless and opened our minds and eyes to another way of viewing our world.  Atticus took social responsibility to the highest level and gained respect from the humans who followed him.  He phone-banked for candidates who aligned with his values (well, he sat at his mama’s feet).  He walked in parades and stood with the masses of the Occupy movement.

Atticus was no ordinary dog.  He was true agent for social change, tolerance, love and peace.  He has exited this plane of existence, yet he is still with us in spirit.  A soul as deep and pure as Atticus’s will live on forever.

Here are some of the tributes that have been written about Atticus this week:

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Top Top-Dog Stories of the Week

For the first time in nearly 300 posts I am giving you my picks for the week’s top dog stories.  Mama’s back is bothering her again, so I spent part of my weekend finding the best dog news and relaying that information to my mum as she lay on ice. just came out with their top dog-friendly cities and one of my favorites is #1:  Carmel, Ca.  Anyone, peep or pup, who’s visited this piece of heaven on earth will agree with this pick.  Doris Day’s iconic Cypress Inn was one of the first fido-friendly hotels in the country and the entire town of Carmel has followed suit.

Fine-dining, no problem — bring the pup.  Shopping or wine tasting — dogs are welcome.    And beachcombing — bring the dog & let him run off-leash!  I absolutely love this place and need to get back there soon.

Pets for Vets --- I dig it!

Another canine inspired story I found is about a program in Missouri that partners war vets with homeless pets.  Pets for vets — brilliant!  Veterans returning from our current wars are experiencing PTSD at a high rate.  The healing powers of puppy love cannot be beat and I admire the organizations who are pairing these heroic duos.

It’s no wonder that the term “man’s best friend” has been attributed to dogs.  We are very intuitive creatures who aim to please and we possess an abundance of love and healing qualities.  Plus really intelligent dogs like me always have a good joke or two to cheer up even the saddest and most distressed human.

Lastly, is the story of Caesar the Maltese who has been missing from the scene of a fatal car crash for a year.  Because Caesar was chipped, he was identified and is finally on his way home.  This touching story is a reminder to have your pets easily identifiable by chipping and tagging.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my top top-dog stories for the weekend.  If you’ve seen any great articles about my wondrous species, please link them here.

Signing off with a wag…