Crate-Gate Goes Viral!

Have you heard about the Dogs Against Romney pack?  (Not a traditional PAC… do you know any dogs


who throw money around for attack advertisements?)  This quickly formed group of canine crusaders is furious about what is being called “Crate Gate”.  Have you heard about this story?

The Boston Globe first reported on this travesty back in 2007 and now that Mr. Romney is the GOP frontrunner, the story is gaining legs.

Some years ago, when Mitt Romney had a full litter of his own babies at home, the family was on a 12 hour road-trip to Canada with their Irish Setter, Seamus.  The Romney clan will not verify details, but this much is known:  Poor Seamus was tied to the roof of the family station wagon for the 12 hour drive!!

Until this story, I had never heard such an awful tale (or tail) of disrespect towards a canine family member.  I say disrespect because “animal abuse” sounds so harsh, but I suppose in this time of candidate’s full-disclosure, we shouldn’t sugar-coat such acts.

Can you imagine having the mindset that thinks it’s ok to strap a dog to a moving vehicle for 12 hours?  If you wouldn’t trust a man to watch your dog, you probably shouldn’t trust him to watch over your country.

Political pups are uniting across the country to bring light to this awful abuse of trust.  Yes, we doggy children trust in our humans to care for us as they would care for a small child.  Do you think Willard (Mitt’s given name) would tie one of his own human children to a car rooftop?  I shudder to think of the answer.

Even worse, it is reported that out of fear Seamus dirtied himself on that rooftop and at a service station Mr. Romney took a hose and washed down the car and the dog (while still strapped to the roof!).  What sort of person treats an eternal soul this way?

Aunt Edna rides on the roof in this comedy

This scene, while horrifying, makes me think of the iconic “National Lampoon’s Vacation” movie where they tied their deceased Aunt Edna on the top of the car.  (If you’d like to relive the hilarity of the moment from the movie, click here.)  Sure, it’s funny when Chevy Chase behaves this way in a sophomoric (albeit, funny!) movie, but a man who wants to be POTUS?

Furry angels like myself, look down (quite literally!) on this type of abusive behavior.  Little does Willard know that his millions of dollars in tithing to his church doesn’t make up for this incident.  He must openly admit his animal abuse and apologize.  I’ve met Seamus and he doesn’t think Romney is fit to President (or dogcatcher).

I Ride Inside

“I Ride Inside” is the motto for Dogs Against Romney.  Who else is joining this pawesome pack?