Canines’ Canines Don’t Belong in Mama’s Leg!

Mama got another dog bite.  Yes, she once again entered urgent care for treatment of injuries from dogs’ teeth.  Is mama a magnet for canines’ canines?

Thankfully, today’s incident was nothing like our previous dealings with dog bites, which was traumatizing.    This morning, mama took the boys to their favorite dog park (Phoenix Park in Fair Oaks).  They ventured out early because of the rising temperatures and the park was full of some of Timmy E’s best buddies; Molly, Shadow, Sammy, Oscar and Sofie.

Timmy is pure puppy -- no refinement or maturity...

As FOA’s know, my earthly incarnation was from the point of view of a very old soul.  I was born with a refinement, dignity and moral compass that I fear Timmy may never find.  You see Timmy Elijah is a baby, in every sense of the term.  He has a lot to learn about his environment, his behavior and the strength of his own body.

The energy level at the dog park this morning was high and frenzied.  Timmy, being a puppy (and a novice soul) has doggie-ADD — a common affliction of curious pups.  One minute he’s chasing Oscar, then a frisbee flies by and he immediately pivots and chases that.

Wilbur, as always, was well-behaved and enjoyed getting stroked by humans at the park more than interacting with his doggie pals.

In the midst of Timmy’s romping and chasing and wrestling stood mama with her iced coffee from Peet’s (remember, we boycott Starbuck’s).  Sofie, a young and feisty Boston Terrier, was playing with Timmy and became curious about mama’s cup.  She jumped, launching herself at the nearly empty cup, and the contents spilled, scattering ice cubes.

Dogs love ice, especially on a hot day, and the pack scrambled to snag nuggets of frozen goodness.  Well, Sofie and Timmy wanted the same piece of ice and they both became possessive and aggressive.  Mama grabbed Timmy by the loose skin on his back to separate the dogs and, with mama in the middle, both pups lunged at each other.

The result was a jaw (and all those sharp teeth!) grabbing mama’s calf.  And from my vantage point, it was Timmy E’s massive canines that punctured mama.  2 deep holes on either side of her calf, and the wounds match the length and circumference of Timmy’s canines.

Initially, mama didn’t feel anything and then immense pain kicked in.  It took quite awhile before the wounds bled, as they were deep into the muscle.  I so wished I was physically with mama to comfort her, especially when the nurse was irrigating the wounds.  That’s painful business, but mama was a trooper.

at least the bandage is a hip, summer color!

Mama is all bandaged up and will heal in time, adding more dog-related scars to her body.  Our friend Laine thinks it would be cooler if mama said these wounds from a shark attack.  Mama may actually use this as she is mortified that her own puppy created these injuries.

So there it is… how mama was attacked by a shark at the dog park.


Serious Love For Sirius

The sun is fully out and we’re getting a touch of faux spring here in the third week of January and the dogpark gang has been feeling very spring-feverish the past couple of days.  We’ve seen and engaged in much more humpty-dumpty dancing (if you get my drift) than we have in months.

sensuous scrum

Yesterday the park was unusually active for a weekday afternoon.  There had to be close to two dozen of my friends on the “small dog” side of Phoenix Park and everyone was randy.  I’m a proper pup and certainly don’t mean to be vulgar, but after what I witnessed (ok, and participated in) yesterday, I now have a visual understanding of the slang term “cluster f**k”.  At one point, our sensuous scrum totaled ten pooches!

Wilbur was feeling his highest form of bliss today when, after a six month absence, his lover, Sirius Black, was at the park with his baby sister, Elle Woods.  I wrote about Sirius back in May when Wilbur first opened his heart to this handsome (and horny) Yorkie, but we haven’t seen him since, until today.

Elle Woods

Wilbur was grinning from floppy little pink ear to floppy little pink ear the entire time he was near Sirius.  They took turns chasing and mounting each other.   Ah… young love!  As my loyal followers know, I love everything Harry Potter and you can imagine my excitement reuniting with my buddy who is also named for a famed literary character from one of my favorite book series’.

Wilbur's serious about Sirius!

Like his namesake, Yorkie Sirius is determined, loyal and will fiercely defend his loved ones and his values.  Unlike Rowling’s Sirius Black, this silky little man is not mysterious  or misunderstood, as he lives his emotions and motivations with transparency.

It’s wonderfully curious that I wrote about friendship this week and then today we run into one of our favorite and missed friends!  Maybe it’s a law of attraction thing… I put out the friendship vibe and Sirius Black appears.  It really is just like Harry Potter!