Speaker of the (Dog) House

I'm a patriotic pup and I see through the bs...

This dog discerns that we have a lot of doggie-doo in Washington right now.  I do my best not to get emotionally involved in issues in which I have no influence, but this mellow mutt is getting frustrated.  Maybe now is finally the time for some doggone pup perspective.

I’m just a dog who is given no credibility or voice when it comes to matters of government affairs and it’s time for humans to hear my piece as an outsider.

Clearly, our national leaders are at a standstill.  A stalemate of ideas and agendas.  Our republic is based on democracy which requires concessions, compromise and cooperation to work.  When some are so intransigently stubborn, it brings the entire process to a screeching halt.  And that’s what we are witnessing now.

As a contemplative canine I realize that I cannot always have my way in this world.  In order to live peaceably with others, sometimes I have to cave to my demands (more treats!!) and bend a little to accommodate others.  Some people might call this simple act of working together “humanity” — together we work for the common good, even if we don’t get everything we want.

Sadly, this humanity is lost on many humans who reside (part-time) in Washington, DC.

As an outside observer, the stakes and stances are painfully obvious.  How can a pup see through all the BS when so many humans are blind?  Blinded by ideology?  Blinded by ambition?  By anger and hate?  By being beholden to only their own best interest?  By greed and power?

Clearly, Wilbur is as upset as I am... & it's aging him

We have seen our President make unprecedented concessions during this debt and deficit crises, much to the dismay of progressive pooches like myself.  But I understand the game — you have to give some to get some.  It’s tough though when you are playing a game and the other team doesn’t understand, or respect, the rules.

We have a President who is willing to cut social programs, which is the antithesis to our Democratic party line, in order to prove his cooperation with the process.

On the other side, we have the Speaker and his pack who are willing to let the masses flounder to protect the privileged few.

Taxes have not been lower since the 1960’s and the Bush tax cuts dropped them exponentially lower for those with the most dollars during his tenure.  The growth in the number of billionaires has increased greatly over the past 4 years, while unemployment grows to record levels.

In letting all these “job creators” expand their vast fortunes we have seen proof of the fallacy of the trickle-down economic policy that Reagan touted 30 years ago.  The general population is still waiting for those precious drops of sustenance….

Even Reagan knew his voodoo economics were not sustainable, and he raised taxes.  As did the next incoming president, Bush I.

I don’t need to tell you history, friends.  If your eyes and mind are open, the dastardly disparity between the ideology of our two major parties is obvious and transparent.  Minimization of taxes and regulation and maximization of profits benefits a very few… while the rest of the country can look forward to a Dickensian future of poverty and misery.

Continued support for the richest amongst us, for corporate welfare and subsidies to profitable industries, for tax loopholes for hedge fund managers and environment-destroyers is not the future I want to see for my country.

I plead to you humans to put your stubborn ideology (and potential disdain for our President) aside and open your eyes to the reality of this debate.  For 98% of this country, the plan under Boehner & Co. will hurt you, your future and your children’s future.   Why do they revel in the thought of destroying our country?

You don’t need to be a human to see through the veil of hate, lies and allegiance to only the wealthy and connected that is being pushed by one side of the House.

It’s time to elect Atticus Speaker of the (Dog) House!


Supreme Court & Charlie Sheen (or Crazy, Meet Crazier)

I apologize for my absence the past few days, but I have been feverishly working on the final touches for the spectacular Pet Blessing and Expo this Saturday.  Today I had planned on penning more about this special event, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.

Like so many of you, I try my best not to ogle at disastrous situations, but this week there have been a couple of major train-wrecks saturating the national media and I find myself compelled to put paws to keyboard and throw out my humble opinion.

I have been very disappointed in our Supreme Court since their decision last year in favor of Citizen’s United (a gross misnomer, as it’s really Corporate United!) and today I find myself further disgusted by these appointed robe-wearers.  You loyal readers know that I’m a politically minded pup and I fully support my First Amendment right to speak my truth and my mind.  But, as we all know, acts such as yelling “fire” in a crowded theatre is not protected by the amendment because of the obvious harm to citizens in such a situation.

if I was a Supreme Court judge...

Our First Amendment rights have been stretched to outrageous limits, in my opinion, and the latest ruling in favor of the Westboro Baptist Church and their “thank god for dead serviceman” campaign I find to be a vile miscarriage of justice.  Where are the rights of the deceased who sacrificed their lives for our country?  For their families and loved ones?  But according to our “esteemed” panel of judges, disrupting painful and private funeral ceremonies with hecklers spewing disrespect is absolutely fine and within their rights.  God bless America?  Really?

Our right to free speech has morphed into an excuse for more and more outrageous behavior and rantings, and all are fully protected.  Glenn Beck (well, really all of the Fox “news” personalities) routinely call our President a Nazi, communist, socialist (really anything that ends in “ist”) as well as an illegal immigrant.  In fact GOP presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee spoke about Obama’s childhood in Kenya just yesterday… hmmm… Born in Hawaii, raised in Kansas, Hawaii and Indonesia equals Kenya?  A little geography lesson may be needed for Huckabee.  (Note:  Huckabee did state later, after giving his speech, that he misspoke.)

So basically lying and false truths by “news” organizations and those with higher political aspirations are legally covered to spew whatever nonsense pops into their minds.  Now the supremes are taking free speech rights to a new low.  My canine opinion is that this is crazy talk!

If the supremes are crazy, than that gives Charlie Sheen the title of crazier!  Crazy, meet crazier.  I really don’t enjoy seeing this man-child self-destruct in the public eye, but I can’t read the news, watch the telly or surf the internet without the latest details of his debauchery in front of my nose.

I can’t quite discern if Sheen’s actions and verbal diarrhea are signs of pure narcissism, mania, drug withdrawal or if he’s just delusional.  I’m no fan of Charlie Sheen’s (in fact I’m one of the few pups who despises his tv program), but all of these possibilities are sad given the fact that he has small children.  I am curious, however, of this “tiger’s blood” that he claims surges through his body.  I think if he had puppy blood, instead of tigers’ blood, his perspective and actions would be much gentler.  A little tip for Mr. Sheen :  just think like a dog.

Crazy meets crazier is the only explanation I have for this week’s top news stories.  Now I must get back to organizing the Pet Expo.

What are the craziest stories you’ve heard this week?