Years of Torture…Worth it? Freak Yeah!

It’s been 56 years since the Giant’s won a World series… and that was in New York.  Now, I am in awe of our San Francisco Giant’s and proud to be a fan!  The Giant’s’ management saw the

vision of finally winning a World Series in San Francisco by uniting a divergent group of athletes that some had labeled “misfits”.  Players that other teams had let go, rookies, players who some said were “has-beens” and unknowns formed a cohesive team that is close to perfect, in this pooches eyes.

World Series Champion, Giant's!

No big names or big egos.  No steroid-deformed big hitters.  I greatly admire scrappiness and the ability to create something grand and great with many little pieces, with unstoppable tenacity.  This Giant’s team embodies the qualities of perseverance, hard-work, cooperation, motivation and hope… in other words, dog-like qualities.

After these past weeks, the entire nation is now throwing around the names of players we have been enamored with since they joined The Giant’s:  Lincecum, Ross, Posey, Renteria, Huff, Sandoval, Wilson, Sanchez, and Torres.  Brian Wilson (Fear the Beard) was even a favorite Halloween costume this year.

With monikers like Kung Fu Panda and The Freak, this team had a special flare long before the national media even noticed.  Now in places far beyond Northern California, baseball lovers are wearing “Let Timmy Smoke” and “Fear the Beard” t-shirts.  Some are surely just jumping on the bandwagon of The Champions, but I think for many, deeper sentiment exists.

I think that fans across the country love to see the underdog prevail, just like with the Saint’s victory earlier this year.  I would like to think that through the example of this special Giant’s squad, and their newfound fans across the country, we can somehow unite, at least on one issue.

Giants win the series!!

We are finally at the end of this divisive election season, so let’s embrace our unity and collective love for the people of this country who really change our lives for the better:  The San Francisco Giant’s!