How to Name a Puppy (with Angel Intervention)

I told you in my post Heaven Sent Messages that I would fill you in on how the pup, Timmy Elijah Love, got his name… and it’s a doozy, if I do say so myself.  Of course, my influence was key to this decision, but read for yourself how the confluence of spirit, serendipity and relationships formed this elegant name.

Little Timmy Elijah Love

Once mama came to the conclusion that she must adopt this new little guy she started pondering names.  Her first inclination is always towards personally meaningful, literary or cultural names.  Names that immediately came to mind were Aramis, Amadeus and Sirius (notice the cadence of all are in sync with Atticus — no coincidence!)

Backtrack one month… An FOA I met through twitter (a gloriously centered and spiritual soul — @OneLoveOneEarth) had emailed mama telling her that her son had some insights on the night of my transition and when mama was ready, she wanted to share.  We’ll come back to this storyline in a moment…

During a road-trip last weekend, the name Timmy kept coming into mama’s mind.  It made sense because both mama and I have a deep love and respect for young Timmy Lincecum, ace Giant’s pitcher and 2-time Cy Young award winner.  As you FOA’s know, mama has been a diehard SF Giant’s fan since she was a wee child and Timmy holds a special place for her.

Timmy Lincecum

Our “freaky” pitcher stands for so much more than award and World Series Championship winner.  For us, Timmy Lincecum is a beacon of hope and resiliency.  Proof that an underdog — a skinny, scrawny, long-haired kid — is capable of indescribable greatness.  A strong name indeed, but others thought it was a little silly and not dignified enough.

As mama was driving, she was listening to her beloved Chris Robinson Brotherhood and grooving to their rendition of the old classic, “Poor Elijah”.  Then when she switched to the radio, can you guess what song was playing?  Eric Clapton’s version of Poor Elijah!  Lightbulb moment!  His name will be Elijah.

Now, getting back to my twitter friend… Mama came home to a long email from @OneLoveOneEarth and mama felt my spirit moving in the universe.

“December 12th, before bedtime, my son (Timmy) – who is six and VERY aware and intuitive – said some very interesting things.  He said it was a very special “angel day.”  To us an “angel day” is a day to honor someone’s passing.  Timmy is very passionate about Jesus (100% his own truth and took me completely by surprise a few years ago) and is curious about “Jesus’ friends who are now angels.” “

“He told me that night (December 12th) a very special angel was being born.  Timmy that the special angel was going to the Light because he believed in the Light.  He said the angel’s family believes in the Light too – and that they’d be sad – but they should be happy because the new angel would be very happy.”

Sweet baby

Blimey!!  Little Timmy’s revelations were spoken at almost the exact time of my transition!  And Mama had no idea of our friend’s son name.   It immediately made sense to mama… I was driving this decision from the heavens and she got it!  Timmy Elijah Love.

They say the universe works in mysterious ways.  But it’s not such a mystery when there’s a furry angel keeping watch.


Inspiration is Everywhere!

I am overwhelmed with inspiration today — which, I suppose, is much better than being overwhelmed by just about anything else.  I may be especially open to inspiration and gratitude today since I was able to go to sleep last night without a puppy barking in my ear!

Sunday, my beloved Giant’s won their third game against the A’s — Sweep! — and inspired!  Friday evening, sweet Timmy threw his 5th career no-hitter for the win — more inspiration.

my friends inspire me!

Being a pup who enjoys his games, it’s no wonder that I find inspiration in sports stories.  Today I read a wonderful piece about Chicago Bears rookie JT Thomas and guess what?  I was inspired!

JT met a young woman who is a huge Bear’s fan in his hometown.  When JT met Joslyn , who is wheelchair bound due to spina bifida, she was distraught because she had asked a couple of boys to her 8th grade dance and they declined.  The rookie consoled Joslyn and they made a real connection.

music inspires me!

Upon reflection, Thomas decided that he, a professional football player, would reach out to Joslyn and escort her to the dance.  I had heartfelt feelings of warmth after reading this story and again, I must bark, inspiration!

You loyal followers know that I am not a one-dimensional pooch and sports is not the only arena where I find inspiration.

I read a piece by a fellow blogger this weekend that opened my eyes about the inspiring people we meet everyday.  Trish writes a blog called Robert’s Sister and her posts never fail to move me.  This particular article spoke of the little things people (sometimes strangers) do or say that can make a difference in someone’s life.

clouds inspire me!

I found this post so… inspiring!  It made me more grateful and conscious of the small acts of kindness that are all around me.  And it got me thinking about the little things I can do to spread goodness and — you got it! — inspiration to others.

Look around you… where do you find inspiration?


Awakened (By Baseball)

I believe my pawsitive puppy perspective has been comprised of late, but I’m regaining my footing (not always easy when you have paws as enormous as mine!).  Yes loyal readers, I’ve been silent for a few weeks but I think I may be finding my voice again.

awakening from hibernation

On the surface, most in my species appear to live their lives in blissful oblivion, but this dog is a bit more discerning and thoughtful and sometimes the state of the world and my surroundings are enough to push this pup into hibernation mode.  I realize that retreating is not a solution, but sometimes a distinct breather from the cacophony of chaos is the only remedy, albeit temporarily.

A few weeks of reflection, rest and restorative comfort is what I needed in order to relieve the exhaustion of my mind and body.  I’ve continued my writing throughout this period but chose to keep those missives to myself and quietly heal in my own mutt manner.

Yesterday, pitchers and catchers reported to spring training and I must say that just knowing my world champions are back at work has inspired me to break from my off-season resting as well.  Sometimes life throws us a few curve-balls and, unless they’re being thrown by Tim Lincecum or Brian Wilson, it’s often hard to find the joy in the unexpected assault.  The boys of summer are back to training and so am I!


Celebration Elation!

I think the most beautiful words in the English language may be “World Series Champions San Francisco Giant’s”!  And we heard a lot of that at today’s parade and celebration for our Series Champions.

Wilbur, mama and I watched the entire event live; both on the telly (SF KGO) and on’s live-streaming website.  We would have loved to have been in attendance today with all of the other hundreds of thousand fans, but we settled for front row seats in our office.

Fans were camping in front of the Civic Center last night, just to get a good look at the program.  Others were curbside before dawn with their lawn chairs and coolers.  One elderly gentleman who was interviewed at the junction of Market and Mongomery streets said that he had witnessed the parade in 1958 welcoming the Giant’s to S.F. at this very spot.  Nostalgia.  Excitement.  Joy.  Even through the telly, these elements were tangible.

Giant's fans at the parade

The fans along the parade route were wild with enthusiasm, as vintage convertibles carrying Willie Mays and Willie McCovey drove by.  Motorized cable cars were the vehicle of choice for most of the 2010 squad, and some of the players jumped off to rally the crowd into an even deeper fantastical frenzy.

Brian Wilson, with his famous ebony beard, pranced, danced and skipped along the parade route to the joy of the rapturous fans.  Wilson even sported a fresh mohawk for the occasion and, to this viewer, his demeanor was reminiscent of the actor Zach Galifianakis.

Even Ashkon, the Youtube sensation for his original take on “Don’t Stop Believing” had his own float!  And it was snowing orange confetti on Market Street! (10,000 pounds of confetti, per the press).

The ebullient vibe was contagious!  A KGO reporter noted that if there was “smell-o-vision, you’d think that proposition 19 passed”.  You have to love a San Francisco home crowd!

The Freak was all smiles, repeating “this is just like a dream” to reporters along the parade route.  When asked “what will you do after this?”, Lincecum’s answer was “I’m just enjoying this moment.  I’ll worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes”.  It seems that young Tim was “just thinking like a dog”!  I knew we had a kinship.

The parade concluded with a thoughtful, joyful and tearful tribute on the steps of the Civic Center.  The team, as well as Giant’s front office, management, alumni, families, the Mayor and the Govenor were honored.

In speaking of the unity of the Giant’s organization, Brian Sabean (General Manager) said “at some point, there was no difference between the batboy and the owner”.   This is a team of equanimity, without ego, from the fans right down to the batboy.  I am feeling the Giant’s love and yearn to follow their example…

Aubrey Huff and his famous "rally thong"

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom (and newly elected Lieutenant Govenor) spoke of this Giant’s organization using a quote by the Bay Area’s own Jerry Garcia:   “You don’t want to be the best of the best. You want to be the only one who does what you do.”

And that’s what our Giant’s did.  These “misfits” were doing what only they could do… and it was worthy of World Series status.  I’m inspired… are you?

What are you meant to do, that only you can do?  What special, unique gifts do you have to share with the world?


Years of Torture…Worth it? Freak Yeah!

It’s been 56 years since the Giant’s won a World series… and that was in New York.  Now, I am in awe of our San Francisco Giant’s and proud to be a fan!  The Giant’s’ management saw the

vision of finally winning a World Series in San Francisco by uniting a divergent group of athletes that some had labeled “misfits”.  Players that other teams had let go, rookies, players who some said were “has-beens” and unknowns formed a cohesive team that is close to perfect, in this pooches eyes.

World Series Champion, Giant's!

No big names or big egos.  No steroid-deformed big hitters.  I greatly admire scrappiness and the ability to create something grand and great with many little pieces, with unstoppable tenacity.  This Giant’s team embodies the qualities of perseverance, hard-work, cooperation, motivation and hope… in other words, dog-like qualities.

After these past weeks, the entire nation is now throwing around the names of players we have been enamored with since they joined The Giant’s:  Lincecum, Ross, Posey, Renteria, Huff, Sandoval, Wilson, Sanchez, and Torres.  Brian Wilson (Fear the Beard) was even a favorite Halloween costume this year.

With monikers like Kung Fu Panda and The Freak, this team had a special flare long before the national media even noticed.  Now in places far beyond Northern California, baseball lovers are wearing “Let Timmy Smoke” and “Fear the Beard” t-shirts.  Some are surely just jumping on the bandwagon of The Champions, but I think for many, deeper sentiment exists.

I think that fans across the country love to see the underdog prevail, just like with the Saint’s victory earlier this year.  I would like to think that through the example of this special Giant’s squad, and their newfound fans across the country, we can somehow unite, at least on one issue.

Giants win the series!!

We are finally at the end of this divisive election season, so let’s embrace our unity and collective love for the people of this country who really change our lives for the better:  The San Francisco Giant’s!