Cat Fanciers — Mama Needs Your Advice!

Hello from heaven, friends!  You’re all looking good from where I sit.  Mama wants help with a problem — not a puppy problem —  an issue with my feline sister Bella.  Or at least mama thinks it’s an issue.

Bella in Timmy's crate (she thinks she's a dog!)

Bella is the most dog-like cat you could ever meet.  She really has never identified with her kittiness, instead her behaviors are more canine-like.  Bella’s always gotten on splendidly with her dog brothers (me, Wilber and Timmy E.) and like everyone in my family she misses my presence.

I have been visiting Bella more frequently, coming to her in her quiet moments, and she feels my energy completely.  A couple of months ago Bella had a cancer scare.  She had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor between her shoulder blades.  The vet suspects it’s VAC— Vaccine Associated Cancer.  Yes, this is scary.  Humans vaccinate us thinking they’re doing the right thing, but the vaccines sometimes are the catalyst for cancer.

But that’s not what this post is about (although I foresee digging into this topic deeper at some point).  Bella’s recovery was amazing.  She’s always so easy going, loving and happy and even post-surgery she remained herself.  Her downtime was short and her recovery quick.  I had been whispering sweet angel encouragement to her and she found comfort in my presence.

I was giddy observing Bella fully recover, which got me thinking like my old mischievous earthbound self… Now here’s mama “issue”:

Bella has been acting like a maniac, tearing through the house, running on the sink and bouncing off the furniture.  And she usually only does this as everyone else in the house is starting to fall asleep.

Timmy just wants to get some rest

When Bella sees their eyelids closing, she starts her engines and off she goes.  Bella finds the most enjoyment in trampolining off their bodies on the bed down to the floor and then races around.  Then it’s more jumping and silliness.  She is very, very disruptive to mama and the pups’ sleep.

So this is mama’s issue and for what she is seeking advice:  how can she stop Bella from acting wild at night?

Dear readers, you can answer mama if you feel inclined and have had a similar experience.  But I’m going to let you in on a little secret… I’m encouraging Bella to behave this way.  You see, I am with her and I’m trying to get the others to notice that it’s me bouncing around the house.

I know when mama figures it out her irritation over Bella’s wacky nighttime exercise will melt into awe, knowing that her little baby man is always around.


Heavenly Duties of a Furry Angel

Friends, I must apologize for my long absence since making my last earthly connection with you.  You wouldn’t believe how busy life in heaven is for a furry angel!

Up here I look after my family (which I also did in my earthly incarnation), and I hold other responsibilities as well.  I suppose by doggie charms hold greater value here and I’ve been to tapped to try to influence other earthly souls beyond my family.  Of course, all earthly beings have guardian angels (some furry) who attempt to guide and counsel…but unless the heart and mind are open, you may miss our direct signals.

I’ve told you about some of the ways I’m letting mama and my family feel me with them all the time — the subtle (and not so subtle) ways I insert my knowing into their daily lives.  Mama is all heart when it comes to me and we are both comforted remaining in each other’s presence.

I’ve been tasked by the Big Dog to influence specific peeps and pups, and my efforts are met with varying degrees of success.

I had huge success last week as I guarded over Bella’s tumor surgery and Dr. Nathan (Bella’s surgeon) felt me completely.  Of course he’s a vet, so it stands to reason that he understands the eternal nature of a dog’s soul and our participation with our families even after transitioning.

Timmy's helping Bella for me (she feels me, but needs a some real puppy kisses)

Bella is healing well and is acting as perky as ever even though she has a 3 inch incision on the back of her neck.  We received news on Friday that Bella’s tumor is cancerous, potentially VAC (vaccination associated carcinoma) and we will learn next week, after further tests, what her next course of treatment will be.

I can tell you definitely that it is not Bella’s time to move on and mama understands this too.  So, unlike when I was ill, my family is not worried.  They are confident that she will continue to heal and live her very full kitty existence.

I’m having a harder time connecting with some other individuals that the Big Dog assigned to me.  I remain optimistic that eventually, some common doggie sense will get through, but for now I’m having no impact.

You see, I’m trying to affect some change of heart with the seemingly heartless, and that’s a tough task for any furry angel!  I will save specifics for another post as I’m at a loss right now…just shaking my head in disbelief at the public attacks on women, their rights and their health that is taking place in the United States at present.

Furry angels & the Big Dog are all shaking their manes at the distasteful and cruel behavior we are witnessing.  Nothing dog-like at all coming from some of the male species right now… As I said, more to come on this later.

Lastly, my angelic duties doubled this week as I welcomed two of mama’s childhood favorites to heaven:  Davy Jones and Ronnie Montrose.  It’s a sad week on earth for peeps who loved music of the ’60’s and ’70’s, but heaven is rockin’!

Sending all FOA’s heaven-sent licks and wags!  I promise to make more frequent appearances… I miss you all!